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Reconnect with Your Business Goals

If you want to succeed, you have to set goals. For more than two decades, I’ve been setting goals for my business. My goals have kept me motivated to succeed and have helped me stay focused on my business. However, many agents set goals in January, only to forget about them a few months into the year. Often, we get so busy with the tasks in our business that we forget to review our goals periodically and ensure we’re on track. If that sounds like you, now is a great time to review your goals for the year and make adjustments to ensure your success.

What about agents who haven’t set their goals for the year? Sure, we may be five months into 2017, but it’s never too late to start. Maybe you’re new to the business or had a setback earlier in the year which forced you to forget to set goals. Either way, here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re setting your goals.

What is important to you?

When you’re thinking of what you’d like to accomplish, ‘why?’ is the question to keep in mind. Why do you want to make more sales? Why do you want to boost sales by a certain percentage this year? Your purpose keeps you motivated each day, especially those days when you don’t feel like making calls or writing notes. When you remember your ‘why?’ or your purpose, you’ll have more motivation to get done what you need to in order to succeed.

What kind of goals should you set?

The goals you set for your business should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-based, or SMART. Set goals around how much you’d like to increase your average sales price, how many referrals you want to achieve, how many closings you’d like to have by the end of the year, etc. Referral Maker® CRM helps make goals setting easy—just type in how much you’d like to net in the next 12 months and answer a few questions about your tax rate and expenses. It’ll do the math for you and let you know how many transactions you need to close, referrals you need to earn and connects you have to make in order to make that goal a reality.

Have big goals? Break them down.

One of the best ways to achieve ambitious goals is to break them into smaller goals to achieve within a specific timeframe.

  • 10-day, short-range goals are things you can achieve in the next two weeks. These smaller goals help you create momentum.
  • 10-month, mid-range goals are things you can achieve within the next year. These goals may include closing a certain number of transactions, increasing sales by a certain percentage, etc.
  • 5- to 10-year, long-range goals take longer to complete and may include saving a certain amount for retirement, buying an investment property, etc.

Don’t just set goals for your business; set goals for all areas of your life as well. Referral Maker real estate CRM can help you achieve them all. If you’re not using Referral Maker yet, what are you waiting for? Click here to learn more and start using it today.


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