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Reconnecting With Past Leads and Clients

One of your best resources for new business is the database you already have. Former clients can provide referrals for new business, either for themselves or people they know. And former leads might just be ready to buy or sell a home now.  Take some time to sit and jot down the names of groups or organizations in your community. There are most likely people you know in these groups that you can add to your database. Working with a Buffini & Company coach can also help you to discover other hidden sources of leads you can contact.     

Customer Service After the Closing 

Buying or selling a home is one of the most emotional, as well as expensive, things a person might ever do. Too many times, once the final paper is signed, the real estate agent disappears from the client’s life to be forgotten.

This is where the relationship over transaction model can make or break your business. Stay in touch with your clients and see how things are going. Ask if there is anything you can do to help, such as recommending any other service professionals they need. 

Send Cards

It is rare nowadays for anyone to get a handwritten card in the mail. Drop a card in the mail for significant dates such as birthdays and holidays. Use social media to see if a life milestone or congratulatory moment has recently happened.

Other reasons to send a note via snail mail include:

  • Real estate market updates 
  • Community update (such as news on a major project) 
  • List of local upcoming holiday events 
  • List of upcoming recycling or clothing collection drives
  • Special promotions with other businesses

Small Gift Ideas

Pop-by your clients’ home with an inexpensive, but thoughtful gift. The ideas are endless – a small plant, a fun seasonal item or a discount coupon for a business you are partnering with to name just a few.   

And for “housaversaries” — the anniversary of someone’s move-in date — stop by with a beautiful plant or a gift certificate to a local restaurant. Your clients will be touched by your thoughtfulness.   

Special Events

Keep your clients on your invite list for events.  They can serve as unofficial “ambassadors” for your services.  Allow for plenty of time for mingling so potential leads can chat with former customers. Be sure to start planning ahead so you know how about how many people will attend. Check out our “Client Party Checklist” for ideas.

Be a Resource

Every month mail out a one-page marketing flyer with pertinent information about the current market trends or information on your client’s community.

Ask your clients and leads to connect with you online, whether it is your newsletter and/or social media pages. Keep your pages updated on a regular basis. If you only post content occasionally, people will get bored and stop checking. 

It’s All About the Relationship

Superior customer service, trust and respect are key to getting more referrals and more business. A satisfied former client will want to call you when it’s time for them to buy their next new home. They will also recommend you to their family and friends. A business based on referrals, rather than endless cold calls, will make you more productive. It will also reduce the stress in your life and leave you more time for yourself, as well as your family.  

Investing in a Buffini and Company training or coaching program can help you accelerate your business to extraordinary heights. For more information on those programs and extra tips, check out www.buffiniandcompany.com

By continuing your best practices, you will keep your database full of referrals and happy customers!

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