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Referral Maker CRM is Your New Best Friend

Did you know that according to the National Association of REALTORS®, 90% of buyers and 73% of sellers would use their agent again or refer them to others? If you’re tired of chasing leads that go nowhere and inspired to work with the clients that help to move your business forward, Referral Maker® CRM is your solution.

Not sure you need a CRM? This minimal investment will increase your level of productivity which will lead to more profits. All of the top-producing agents who Work by Referral say this tool is critical to their success, keeping them on task and on track toward their income goals.

CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management” and is a system designed to run your business. At Buffini & Company, we like to see Referral Maker® CRM as that, and so much more. It’s a well-rounded productivity tool designed to take your business to new heights.

Here’s how it will help you:

1. Lead Generation. The right real estate CRM will give you an overview of all of your relationships and show you who is actively referring you. You can use this information to focus your energy on those clients and to increase the quality of your relationships.

Considering that 90% of buyers would use their agent again or refer their agent to family and friends, focusing on relationships is time well spent.

2. Get Organized. Do you wake up with the best intentions only to go to sleep wondering what you did all day? You are not alone. Without a system, it’s easy to spend your day putting out fires and jumping on tasks that feel important and actually waste all of your time.

A quality CRM, like Referral Maker CRM will generate a daily list of activities to put you in touch with your top-referring clients. You can use this information to plan your day and stay focused on the actions that will grow your business.

3. Have a Marketing Plan. Leverage a reliable CRM that helps you build trust with your top clients, so you can spend your marketing budget more wisely. This approach builds a foundation for referrals from these excellent people, so you don’t have to pay crazy amounts of money to buy leads from the web.

Consistent marketing through highly personal communication will grow your relationships and your referrals. Not only can you use Referral Maker CRM to schedule, send and track your campaigns, you can upgrade to PRO for “done for you” monthly assets.

4. Hit Your Goals. You deserve to live the life of your dreams. To do this, you need to set goals in all areas of your life, write them down and track your progress.

Research shows that simply writing down your goals increases the likelihood that you will achieve them by 42%. Tracking them can be tricky, and that’s where a high-quality real estate CRM helps. As an example, Referral Maker CRM shows you how close you are to achieving your income goals and then suggests the actions you can take to close the gap.

If you’re ready to stop chasing leads, focus your energy and make more money, you’re invited to try Referral Maker CRM for 30-days at no cost. Sign up for your free trial now to get started.

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