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Spring has Sprung!

Happy spring! Spring is a time for renewal and warmer temperatures.  But, the temperatures aren’t the only thing heating up. Many people who were on the fence about buying a home in the fall and winter are hopping on the Internet to search the listings for a great home. This month’s Marketing Flyers will help your clients prepare for the real estate process.

What’s in the Box?

For our Standard and Canadian Members, it’s all about home values. Whether your clients are thinking of listing their homes or just want to boost its value, this Flyer gives them the tips they need to make their home the star of the neighborhood. The letter includes a call-to-action for your clients to contact you about their home’s value and give you the perfect opportunity to give them a call.

For our Alternate Members, we’re tackling debt reduction. Many people find it difficult to qualify for a competitive-rate mortgage if they’re over the heads in debt. The Marketing Flyer offers timeless tips to help your clients manage and get out of debt, including credit cards, student loans, etc. The letter helps to illustrate your care and concern for your clients and encourages them to take charge of their finances.

New Product Updates

We’re excited to announce two new updates to Referral Maker® CRM that’ll make it even easier to track your business progress and reach your goals. The first update makes it even easier to reset the numbers in your business plan to reflect the current state of your business. Change your tax rate, commission, average sales price, etc. As always, Referral Maker automatically recalculates your numbers for you—no math required!

The second update allows you to create and track goals in all five circles of your life—business, personal, health, family and spiritual. Set milestones, list the positive and negative outcomes of your goal and edit your goals at any time.

California is Beautiful in June

Head out west to Brian Buffini’s Success Tour 2015 when it stops in San Jose on June 23rd and 24th. We may be a few months into the year, but it’s not too late to make 2015 your best year ever! Spend two days with Brian and his special guests, Joe Niego and Erik Wahl to get the knowledge, strategies and inspiration to have a great year. Visit buffiniandcompany.com/successtour to reserve your spot at the live event or the live broadcast today!

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