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Start Your Q4 Real Estate Database Cleanup

Each quarter, it pays to check in with your real estate database and ensure that you’ve been marketing to the right people.

In order to optimize your real estate lead generation efforts, you need to confirm that the people in your database still view you as their go-to real estate pro — and if a friend or family member needed an agent, you would be the person they’d enthusiastically recommend. 

The best way to determine where your clients stand is to call them and check in! Remember to keep track of these check-in calls in a real estate CRM. For example, Buffini & Company Referral Maker® CRM is a trusted productivity tool that allows you to see all of your activity with a certain person in one place. As you make your calls, you’ll be able to see your history with that client to better inform your conversation.

When you start calling your clients, you’ll want to reference a few dialogues to find out if you are their go-to agent.

General Dialogue:

“A while ago I made a commitment to run my business by referral, and one of my goals was to never take your business and referrals for granted. Am I still the agent you refer to your friends and family if they are looking to buy or sell a home?”

Follow-up to Your Marketing Campaign:

“Hi… this is… I am calling today because I wanted to touch base with you. Are you still receiving the items I have been sending to you and are you still enjoying them? I want you to know that I do not take our relationship for granted. I wanted to ask if I remain your real estate agent of choice.”

Once your clients confirm that you are indeed their favorite agent, it’s time to rank them accordingly! Here are the client rankings as found in Referral Maker® CRM:

A+ — Your best repeat customers, or someone who has sent you multiple referrals.

A — Past clients, or people who occasionally send referrals.

B — People who would refer you if asked and shown how.

C — A new addition to your database.

O — Online contacts (people you do not have a relationship with).

D — To be deleted from your database.

Depending on how your relationships respond to your questions, you may need to switch their rank. Not everyone will be inputted as an A+ right away! Someone might move from a C to an A+, or move from a B to a D for delete. It all depends on how likely they are to refer you, and if they have already sent you referrals over the past few months.

After any conversation, be sure to remind that relationship that you are never too busy for their referrals! This gentle reminder will show the client that you are always dedicated to serving them and their friends and family.

Looking for a real estate CRM to help you start this process? Referral Maker® CRM has everything you need to smoothly sort and qualify your database year round, organize marketing campaigns and track real estate lead generation. Sign up for your free trial today!

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