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Strengthen Your Relationships With a Real Estate CRM

We say it all the time at Buffini & Company — relationships are the heart of your business! Everything you do to generate real estate leads and referrals is connected to how you build and nourish your relationships. Your real estate CRM is a critical part of that strategy!

Instead of just using your real estate CRM as a platform to send email blasts with new listings, figure out how to leverage it to connect with your database in a more meaningful way. In this noisy world, your tech must be used to better serve and add value to your clients in a way that is convenient, simple and automatic.

Here are some tips for leveraging your real estate CRM to build relationships with your best customers.

Know Who to Call 

The best way to maintain your relationships is by getting in touch! Swap that mass email blast out for a more personal interaction.

The right real estate CRM should tell you who to reach out to and how to do it in order to keep your lead generation moving along. Buffini & Company Referral Maker® CRM for example will calculate exactly who you should call or write that day based on how likely they are to refer you to others. This allows you to work with your favorite people — and their favorite people!

Once you know who to call, write or pop by, you can set aside time each day to focus on connecting with those people. Remember to track those activities in your CRM as you go!

Pay Attention to The Details

The little things matter when you’re building a relationship! Each time you add someone new to your database, try to get as many details as possible, including their birthday, pets’ names, kids’ interests, etc., and record them in your CRM. Then the next time you need to reach out to them, you can reference your notes to see if they have a birthday or anniversary coming up.

You can also share relevant news and conversation based on their hobbies and interests. Now, we’re not saying you should interrogate your prospects up front — instead, to get this information, you must ask genuine questions and actually listen to the responses.

People like to talk about themselves — you can learn more than you think from just one conversation! Remembering the details of a client shows that you really listened, and they will feel valued as a result.

Constantly Provide Value

Your real estate CRM should allow you to make your value-add real estate marketing easy and automatic. If you want to organize a monthly mailer to provide value to your database, your CRM should let you know exactly who to send it to. The same applies for any email resources! Look for a real estate CRM that has the capability to let you plan resources to send via mail and email that keep you top of mind with your best people.

If you’re looking for a real estate CRM to help you streamline your lead generation in favor of relationships, check out Buffini & Company Referral Maker® CRM. This productivity tool has everything you need to manage your database and provide them with consistent value, whether that’s through a handwritten note or emailed marketing piece.

Sign up for your free trial and learn how this productivity tool can help you foster meaningful connections within your database.

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