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Take Control of Your Real Estate Future

No matter how profitable your business may be, if you don’t have a reliable real estate lead generation system in place, it’ll be tough to make that success last!

Many agents can find themselves in cycles where business is going well, but they’re not quite sure why that is or how to replicate it.

That’s why it’s essential to implement a business system proven to create lasting success in the real estate space. You need a system and real estate CRM that puts you in the driver’s seat at all times — after all, you should be telling your business where to go, not the other way around! 

All of the top-producing real estate agents ensure they are in control of these three areas:


Your database is the heart of your business — that’s why top producers keep it in a space of which they have total control. With a real estate CRM like Referral Maker® CRM from Buffini & Company, your data remains your own. That means you can take it with you, no matter where you hang your license. Additionally, top producers always know which folks in their database are actually generating referrals so that they may optimize marketing efforts. Referral Maker® CRM has a ranking system that helps you keep track of top clients, so agents always know where to direct their energy.


Top producers know to set clear and realistic income goals, and determine steps to achieve those numbers. For example, in Referral Maker® CRM, users set an income goal along with their tax rate, splits, commission amount, business expenses and current sales volume. The software then calculates the amount you need to earn to reach your goal, and how many transactions you’ll need to close to get there. When you decide how much you are going to make and bake out action steps, you are more likely to actually hit the mark!

Lead Generation

Rather than leaving your lead generation to chance by relying on online ads, opt for a business system that allows you to create a pipeline of high quality leads. Consistently make calls, write notes and deliver appreciation gifts to your top-referring clients to check in and say thanks for their business. By keeping in touch with your current and past clients, you demonstrate a high level of care and service, and remain top of mind for all their real estate needs. And because you’ve already ranked your database, you know who you need to reach out to in order to keep the leads flowing in!

Are you ready to take control of your business? Get Referral Maker® CRM, a real estate CRM and productivity tool designed to help you guide your business wherever you’d like it to go. Sign up for your free trial today! 

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