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Take Your Real Estate Team’s Marketing to The Next Level

Successful real estate teams invest in successful real estate marketing strategies. When you’re a real estate broker, owner or manager, you have a vested interest in how much business your agents are generating. Not only do you want the brokerage to be profitable, but you also want to see your team thrive so they know there are opportunities for growth at your office — thus increasing retention rates.

There are many marketing and lead generation tactics that agents can adopt for success. However, there is one business principle that many top-producing brokerages commit to: Working by Referral. When you and your team Work By Referral, you have the ability to slash your traditional marketing costs in half while seeing an increase in ROI.

That’s because this system prioritizes relationships — instead of paying for online ads or throwing your picture on a bus stop bench, agents are connecting with their database to generate referrals from the clients they already know and love. Look for real estate training that teaches this system to your agents, and watch their profits increase while the marketing expenses decrease.

As an office or real estate team leader, you also want to make sure your agents have access to the right technology. With so many tools out there, it’s important to cut through the noise and focus on what will actually bring you results.

A real estate CRM is a great place to start — set your agents up with a program that meets their needs and guides them in the Working By Referral system. Referral Maker® CRM was designed to do just that, by giving agents the tools to track lead generation and expenses, manage marketing campaigns, set income goals and more. Make sure as a team leader that you take time to train your agents on this tech in order to optimize their experience.

Another way to boost your team’s marketing abilities is by committing to a collaborative culture. Create space for brainstorming and creativity. For example, if an agent is trying to come up with a fresh way to reach out to clients this season, put your heads together and see what you come up with. You can also make yourself available as a sounding board if they’re stuck and need to talk through their upcoming campaign. Encourage agent feedback and ways to improve as well — and make sure you’re actually listening! Collaboration fosters a stronger office culture and ultimately better marketing ideas!

At Buffini & Company, we offer several real estate agent training programs that come with complimentary access to Referral Maker® CRM. Each program dives deep into Working By Referral, providing lead generation strategies that will make your business last for years to come. Get certified to lead a Buffini & Company real estate training program in your office!

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