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The 5 Circles Explained

Master motivator Brian Buffini designed the 5 Circle Fit Challenge to help folks get a rolling start back into everyday life once the coronavirus subsides. The activities are meant to build up each of the five main areas of life — also known as the 5 Circles.

But what exactly are the 5 Circles, and why are they so important for our well-being?

What Are They?

The 5 Circles are five major areas of our lives: spiritual, family, business, financial and personal. The Buffini & Company logo is actually a visual representation of the 5 Circles, demonstrating how each is connected. Brian Buffini, Founder and Chairman of Buffini & Company, coined the term “5 Circles” in his coaching and motivational programs. From there, the concept quickly evolved into a way of life centered around finding balance in these circles.

A Balancing Act

When it comes to the 5 Circles, the key to success is finding your balance. It is important to act in ways that keep you healthy in each circle, or else, you’ll find yourself losing balance and feeling more stressed. When one circle is off, it can affect all of the others as well. For example, if you aren’t leaving enough time for self-care (personal circle), then you may find yourself frequently agitated with your spouse and kids (family circle). Similarly, if you aren’t keeping your finances in order, your business may struggle as a result. The interconnectedness of these circles makes it critical to build each one to improve overall wellness.

Why Get 5 Circle Fit

When you’re 5 Circle Fit, it means you’re finding a healthy balance in all of your circles: spiritual, family, business, financial and personal. In these uncertain times of coronavirus and self-quarantine, many of us may be feeling off our center in one or multiple circles. Maintaining balance will help you feel more satisfied and confident with your life, no matter what your circumstances are.

Getting 5 Circle Fit is not an easy thing to do — it takes discipline, perseverance and accountability to commit to 5 Circle fitness. If you want to start your own 5 Circle fitness journey today, join the 5 Circle Fit Challenge! For more tips, inspiration and advice on how to navigate the real estate industry during these unprecedented times, visit the Buffini Bonus Resources for ideas.

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