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The Best Way to Retain New Agents on Your Real Estate Team

Are you looking to expand your real estate team? The best way to recruit new agents is by retaining them! Once a new recruit joins your office, it’s up to you to make sure they feel welcome, supported and empowered to not only succeed, but to grow as a real estate professional.

Use these three techniques to support your new agents so you can retain them for the long-haul while bringing their referrals to the team as well.

Host a Weekly Check-in Meeting

Make sure your new recruits have everything they need to be successful. Set up a weekly one-on-one meeting to share updates, review their progress and answer any questions they may have. Position yourself as a resource to help guide them through the market and grow as a professional. Here are some key questions to ask in this meeting:

  • What is going well?
  • Are you experiencing any obstacles?
  • How have you been dealing with those challenges?
  • Is there anything I can do to help you?

Consider having this meeting over coffee or lunch once a month to keep it fresh as you establish yourself as a trusted advisor.

Provide Consistent Value

When deciding which brokerage to join, the most talented new agents are going to find the one that brings them the most value. These motivated rookies are ready to give real estate their all, and they want to know that their brokerage is willing to go to work for them too.

Implement a consistent value-add strategy for your real estate team. Send them Items of Value (just as you’d do with a client) that share helpful tips on how to succeed as an agent in this market. Don’t forget to share that you are never too busy for their agent referrals as you expand your real estate team.

Invest in Real Estate Training

If your office environment doesn’t contain room to grow, new agents are going to ultimately find another brokerage that does. Demonstrate your office’s commitment to long-term professional development by offering a customized real estate training plan for every agent. For example, when you offer the Buffini & Company real estate training suite, you introduce a clear roadmap to help agents succeed. New recruits start with 100 Days to Greatness®, then move on to The Pathway to Mastery®—Essentials. From there, they can take The Pathway to Mastery®—Advanced, and eventually, The Pathway to Mastery®—Legacy (coming soon). Each course caters to a different point in an agent’s career and gives them the knowledge and skills to advance to the next level.

Buffini & Company real estate training programs add tremendous value to any brokerage. Get Buffini Certified to lead all of these comprehensive programs in your office. Your agents will never stop learning as they propel to the next level in their careers. Start your Buffini Certification today!

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