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The Law of the Harvest

In business and in life, you reap what you sow – that’s The Law of the Harvest. There are three elements to this powerful formula – giving, asking and growing – but these elements don’t share equal weight. 80 percent of your time, energy and effort should be spent on giving. These are the seeds you plant that are then watered and fertilized. 10 percent is the asking phase; this equates to cultivation. And the last 10 percent is the growing phase, which ultimately results in bringing in the harvest.


Giving is the foundational bedrock to building trust; and trust is what makes people do business with you, return time and time again and refer you to their friends, colleagues and business associates. By giving with an open hand, you will see an abundance you never imagined. Here’s how to give to your customers:

  • In the current environment of poor customer service, going the extra mile and taking care of people really stands out. Great service turns good customers into great customers who will advocate for you and your company.
  • How do you offer unique value to your customers? Is it the product or service you offer? Is it the strong customer relationships you have? It should be an amalgamation of both! Creating a premium experience for your clients means focusing on the relationship and surrounding them with value.
  • We all have the ability to cultivate gratitude, increase our satisfaction with life and strengthen our bonds with other people. If we take the time to focus on all we have – instead of what we don’t – then everything changes for the better. Have gratitude in your heart and your mind. As Cicero said, “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, it is the parent of all others.”


If your business provides great service and value and you’ve been consistent with your expression of appreciation and thanks to your customers, then you’ve earned the right to ask.

  • Ask your customers what they need so you can best serve them. The more sophisticated you become with your questions, the deeper the need you can meet – and the greater advocates they will become.
  • A professional is a person who can help another come to a point of decision. Asking for business in a way that is not pressuring or presumptive is the key to not just completing a transaction, but ultimately laying the groundwork for customers to become your advocates.
  • Whether this is a gentle reminder or a request for advocacy, you must let your customers know that you want them to be your megaphone to the marketplace. Don’t be afraid to take these steps – remember, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!


Often, we can give, but we don’t ask and so we don’t grow. When you follow The Law of the Harvest, however, you give, you ask and then, as a consequence, you grow your business, your influence and yourself too! Listen to the latest episode of “The Brian Buffini Show” to learn more about this very simple, but powerful formula for success.

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