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The Mindset You Need to Get Ahead in Real Estate

Real estate can be a lot of fun! You get to choose your own hours, drive your own marketing and help people you care about make one of the most meaningful purchases ever.

At the same time, however, being in the real estate business does require some work. Your leads aren’t going to be handed to you on a silver platter, and if they are…well, chances are they aren’t very good. In this business, if you aren’t generating any leads, you aren’t getting any income, and that is not a fun place to be.

In order to get ahead in real estate, you need to adopt a hands-on approach that favors hard work. At Buffini & Company, we call this the blue-collar mindset. Just like a house painter, a carpenter or any other tradesperson, a real estate agent must understand how to roll up their sleeves and dive into the project before them.  

Real agents aren’t building a house; you’re building a business. The work you’re doing might look different than that of someone in the trades, but the blue-collar mindset is the exact same.

Check out some of the key elements of this mindset that can help you find success in real estate:

  • Go to Work

A blue-collar worker never takes the easy way out. They show up prepared and ready to work — and so should you! Understand that when you are on the clock, you are ready to focus and make the most of your time.

  • Create a Routine

Your work needs a certain pace, and a consistent routine will help you set that. Start small — for example, starting your day with a workout or always making your calls in the morning. Eventually you can add more activities into your routine and never miss a beat.

  • Seek Accountability

Hold yourself to a higher standard. When you make your own hours, it’s tempting to take multiple days off and do as you please. That’s where accountability can help. Seek an accountability partner in your office to make sure you are doing the work and getting the job done.  

  • Use the Right Tools

Like blue-collar workers, real estate agents need the right tools to get the job done. A real estate training course can help — you’ll walk away with valuable skills and tools to take with you into the marketplace, improving your business overall.

  • Get Your Hands Dirty

Roll up your sleeves and get to work on your business! Don’t be shy about making your calls, writing notes and delivering Pop-By gifts to clients. Keep these activities consistent, and, most importantly, make sure you’re actually doing them! This is how you build a thriving business.

A blue-collar mindset can transform the way you work day-to-day. Real estate training is a great way to start embracing these actions. Add a real estate training course into your routine to expand your tool kit and sharpen your skills. That will make going to work a whole lot easier!

To get started, compare Buffini & Company’s top real estate training programs today — with a course for every career level, discover which option will help take you to the next level! 

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