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The Power of Providing Value as a Real Estate Team Leader

Recruitment and retention are two of the biggest challenges that real estate brokers, owners and managers face. The key to recruiting and retaining great agents begins with your company culture. If your culture is all about support, mentorship and empowerment, the best talent will find you and then stay loyal to you. One great way to build a vibrant culture and improve recruitment and retention is to provide ongoing value to your team. Here’s how:

Send Items of Value Monthly

If you want to consistently let your agents know that you’re there for them, send them Items of Value every month. Items of Value give your agents helpful information on topics such as buyer and seller behaviors, time management and more. These educational and informative resources will help agents to succeed, be more productive and master the market. They also strengthen the relationship between you, serving as monthly reminders that you have their back and are dedicated to their professional development.

Distribute Top Tips

As well as sending monthly Items of Value to your agents, you could also distribute weekly “top tips” — bite-sized portions of advice on market changes, productivity and other educational and informative subjects. Why not share a recommended read or an industry-leading podcast like “The Brian Buffini Show”? Your agents will get top-quality content on leadership, economics and personal development and it’s also a really effective way to synergize and deepen your connection. Remember to prepare talking points too, so you can dive deeper into the content.

Give Market Updates

Another great way to connect with your agents is to give market updates via Zoom or a webinar. This will help everyone in your team to keep abreast of any new developments and be equipped and ready for action with the most up-to-date facts and figures. It will also give you the opportunity to address any concerns or issues your agents might be facing and encourage them to continue to Work by Referral.

Hold Dynamic Monthly Office Meetings

As a leader, you must check in with your team frequently. In addition to regular one-to-ones, have monthly office meetings to bring your team together. Keep these meetings dynamic, with a workshop feel. You can update everyone on goals and objectives and then dive into a strategy session that gives them a valuable new skill, such as handling negotiations or price adjustments. You could even do role plays to brainstorm how to deal with any difficult situations they might be encountering. The goal is to let your agents know that you’re a trusted advisor who can help meet their professional needs so they can learn and grow.

Provide Real Estate Training

Real estate training programs keep agents skilled and loyal to you. A real estate leader who prioritizes professional development will attract the best agents and create a highly skilled team that’s always improving. Start building your empowering office community now to recruit and retain high-quality real estate agents dedicated to professional development. Buffini & Company has the right real estate training solution for agents at every step in their career. Get Buffini Certified to lead an industry-leading program in your office today!

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