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The Precious Present

The Precious Present

Life is often so fast-paced and hectic that many of us forget to stop, take stock, and express gratitude for where we are and what we have. This Christmas, there are three small steps you can take to help you appreciate all you have and prepare you for all that lies ahead in 2019.

First, remember the gift of anticipation. As children, the holiday season was a really special time of year that most kids looked forward to for months. These days, however, many of us live comfortable lives and, as a result, we no longer experience much anticipation at all. In fact, often the sense of anticipation and appreciation we had as children has been replaced by expectation and worse, entitlement. Think about it – when was the last time you looked forward to something so much that you just couldn’t wait for the moment to arrive? To really get perspective and understand what’s truly important in life, try to tap into a childlike place of wonder once more. The truth is, material gifts come and go year in, year out. The only thing that really lasts is relationships with people, so focus on building strong bonds with others and you will reap the greatest rewards in all areas of your life, rewards that will be far more valuable than any material gift you could ever receive.

Second, don’t get stuck in the past. Everyone makes mistakes and has bad experiences, but we mustn’t let our past judge us and we mustn’t allow ourselves to get trapped there. You can’t drive by always looking in the rearview mirror! Learn from the lessons of your past, yes, but don’t let your past determine your future. Focus on where you’re going, not where you’ve been.

Finally, embrace the precious present. Many of us are so consumed with anxiety and apprehension about the future that we forget to simply enjoy the moment and appreciate where we are and what we have. As the saying goes, ‘Yesterday is history, tomorrow’s a mystery. Today is a gift and that’s why we call it the present.’

This Christmas, take a moment to pause and give thanks for where you are and what you have achieved. Tap into the joyful anticipation you used to experience as a child, forgive yourself for the transgressions of your past, and embrace the precious present. Take these three steps and it really will be the most wonderful time of the year!

Listen to the latest episode of “The Brian Buffini Show” to hear Brian offer tips and advice to help you embrace the precious present. Click here to listen.

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