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Interview with Angelo Poli

Everyone wants to improve their health and fitness, but many people never reach their goals. To change this pattern and get on track in 2019, you should use what personal trainer Michael Stromsness, founder of Neutrility Gym, calls the Triple R method. This unique concept takes a three-pronged approach to fitness.

First, you must rebuild. Whether you’ve been injured, you’re just getting started, or you’re a professional athlete, this phase sets the baseline and constructs a strong foundation. Think of building a house. If you have a good foundation, you can get away with some imperfections. If you have poor foundations, it doesn’t matter how well you finish the house, eventually things will start to deteriorate. The same concept applies to business – you can run a great business with a terrible foundation for a while, but eventually it will fall apart.

Second, you must refine. Once a strong foundation is in place, you can progress towards your goals while staying injury free. The refinement phase is ultimately about strengthening. The stronger you get, the more resilient you will be, which means you can add new movements, difficulties, and stability factors. If you think of building a house, the refinement phase is about putting up walls and insulation.

Third, you must rediscover. This phase is about finding your inner athlete again. Often, people get injured and give up, or they put in lots of work but don’t see the results they want so they get discouraged and stop. Rediscovering is about getting that confidence and framing a set of goals to be at your peak. It’s also vital to remember that all the training and exercise in the world will not bear ultimate results unless you fuel your body properly. You can do the greatest workout in the world, but if your nutrition isn’t supporting it, then you’re just running your wheels. It’s all about balance. You’re not going to outwork a bad diet, and a good diet is not going to replace working out. Think of a premium race car – if you dump water in the gas tank, that car is not going to drive. Likewise, if you’re doing all the right exercises, but you’re not eating or you’re eating garbage, you’re not going to perform.

Becoming fitter will positively impact every part of your life, so this year define your goals; create a plan for success; and rebuild, refine, and rediscover your inner athlete!

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