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The Secrets to Success

The Secrets to Success

We all want to succeed, but many of us don’t know where to start. Success is a unique mix of your ambition, your gifts and abilities and your dreams and goals. It’s all about the combination! Here’s how you can formulate your own bespoke cocktail for success:

First, you must channel your ambition in a positive way. Ambition often has negative connotations, but it’s actually just a desire to change your circumstances for the better and is a beautiful thing when it’s done for the right reasons and in the right way. Ask yourself, how badly do you want to succeed? What are you prepared to do to get you there? What must you be prepared to avoid? Let your ambition burn bright, but don’t allow it to become negative, selfish or self-consumed. Instead, turn it into something that will benefit you, those you love, those around you, your customers, your community and your culture.

Second, you must uncover your natural gifts and abilities. To be successful, it’s vital to be self-connected and aware of how you are naturally wired. This is where your Buffini & Company Heritage Profile comes into play. Just like fingerprints, no two Heritage Profiles are identical. Once you uncover your abilities, you must learn how to manage those gifts so you can get more out of them. Leverage what you’re good at. Lean into who you are, do more of it and share it with more people. Use, but never misuse or abuse your strengths.

Third, you must work to turn your dreams into goals. Your goals naturally develop as you go through different seasons in your life. Often, what motivated you in the past doesn’t motivate you now. The most important thing is that you have something to hope for because hope is a very powerful thing.

A really effective way to help turn dreams into goals is by “dream casting.” To do this:

  • Remove all limits of your current circumstances. Imagine there are no restrictions on what you can achieve, even if only for a moment.
  • Search for pictures and images that inspire you. A picture is worth a thousand words and will energize your mind and empower you to achieve.
  • Translate your dreams into goals in all areas of your life. Write out a set of ten day goals to get started, ten-month goals to keep going and five year goals to give you hope.

Now you have the recipe for success, go all in. As Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Ask yourself; what does your dream business and your dream life look like? Start dreaming and succeeding today! Listen to the latest episode of The Brian Buffini Show for even more ways to reach your goals!

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