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The Three Essentials of the Ultimate Listing Agent

Many of us who work in the real estate industry do so because we were attracted by the promise of flexible hours and unlimited income. But how can we cash in on this promise, especially in a market that lacks inventory? If we have buyers but no homes to show, it can seem impossible to move forward. The solution to this problem, and the gateway to success, is to optimize each listing opportunity. Just follow these three essential principles:

Take care of your current listings

It makes no sense to go out and get more listings if you already have properties on your shelf that aren’t selling. First, identify and resolve any issues that may be blocking a potential sale. For example, if a home isn’t moving because it needs improvements, find a tactful way to let the seller know and then make recommendations for change. Likewise, if you believe a price reduction is required, you must learn how to successfully and skilfully facilitate this before the client relationship sours. It’s key to have a bedrock system in place to take care of your current listings, so that you can develop and get more leads.

Treasure each listing opportunity

Do you remember your very first listing presentation? That is exactly how you need to prepare for each and every presentation now. Study the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) inside and out, including active listings, closed transactions, pending transactions and expired listings. Roll up your sleeves and thoroughly research both the area and the property so that you are a voice of value when you meet a potential client. Dress professionally, keep your energy and focus high – and always price the property to sell.

Create your own inventory

No matter what the market conditions, the reasons people want or need to move never go away. Dormant sellers are all around but, to create more listings opportunities, you must wake them up, flush them out and find them homes. Be active – identify one hundred properties in your buyer’s target market and write to tell the homeowners that you may have a buyer for their home. Likewise, duplicate every listing by being strategic and building familiarity and brand awareness of yourself in the marketplace. A carefully targeted and managed mail-shot can be extremely effective, for example.

Follow these principles and your business will thrive and you’ll be well on your way to cashing in on the promise of flexibility and unlimited income that the industry made to you!


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