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The Three Reasons Why Agents Need to Do it N.O.W.

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For over 30 years, Brian Buffini has been one of the most respected and trusted leaders in the real estate industry. Join his latest Bold Predictions broadcast to learn about the real state of the market and how agents can use that data to increase their listings and win market share. You’ll also hear from Dr. Lawrence Yun, the Chief Economist at the National Association of REALTORS®, for his insight, advice and predictions on what’s ahead.

For most real estate agents, the last few years have been chaotic. From the frenzy of the market right after the pandemic to the abrupt shift once mortgage rates started rising (not to mention the legal issues the industry is facing) agents are facing a host of emotions.

If you, as an agent, still love what you do — helping your clients with the most important and expensive transactions of their lives — but you need a less stressful way to do so, we’ve got good news for you. Learn how Buffini & Company’s exciting new campaign — Do It N.O.W. — can transform your business — and your life.

1. N = No Chaos

A frenetic, nonstop business might be good for your finances, but it is not good for your personal life. A business that is in a constant state of stress also does not present a professional image. And if you are a team leader, it does not instill a sense of confidence in your team either.

An agent who is highly skilled and can handle any step of a transaction and who is knowledgeable about the local market has so much more to offer to clients than an agent who operates in an unorganized, chaotic way.

Make a commitment to continued training and experienced coaching so you’ll be able become the pro your clients need and deserve in this market. You’ll be able to seamlessly take your clients through the necessary steps of a transaction and guide them through any bumpy ones. At the end of the day, you’ll present yourself as a calm and measured professional, which in turn will help your clients to be less stressed out too. They will remember and appreciate your professionalism and will refer you to their family and friends who need that level of white-glove service too.

2. O = Own the Listings

The Do It N.O.W. approach harkens back to the tenets of a business based on relationships. It focuses on people you know and like as well as those who like and trust you. It is the people who rely on you to provide the most up-to-date information and analysis on the local market so when the time comes that they want to buy or sell, they will turn to you.

No matter what the media says about home sales falling, every single day thousands of people make the choice to buy or sell a home. The Do It N.O.W. campaign focuses on the reasons they do, with the primary reason being that they want to move closer to family. This is not surprising, especially after recent years when many of us were forced to be apart from our loved ones.

Continually working on cultivating relationships with your database will lead to more listings, more sales and ultimately more referrals. Having a full pipeline, again with people you like and trust, may not completely promise problems will not arise but it will reduce the chaos and allow you to have an enjoyable and fulfilling business.

3. W = Win Market Share

Although there have been fewer potential buyers over the past two years, due to higher mortgage rates, many experts believe that is going to change dramatically starting in mid-2024. There is a pent-up demand of potential buyers, who have been anxiously sitting on the sidelines just waiting for rates to drop. In fact, according to U.S. Census research, there are 45.5 million Gen. Z/millennials (those between the age of 26 and 34) who are now in household formation. That is a huge pool of potential clients!

For years Brian Buffini, the founder and chairman of Buffini & Company, has stressed the company’s core tenets of contact, care and community as a way to nurture relationships. When you use these proven methods, they show your clients that you care about them as people, not just as a transaction.

Take the time connect with your clients:

  • Contact: Send items of value and eReports on relevant topics. Make phone calls to check-in.
  • Care: Mail handwritten notes, pop by with a gift and text a fun video.
  • Community: Break bread by inviting clients to a coffee, lunch or party. Share industry updates or fun content on social media.

Remember, texts, emails and social media are great ways to connect and stay in touch but face to face is always best.

 Buffini & Company – We’ve Got You!

Buffini & Company’s coaches have already been working to establish systems and resources in place to help get their clients ready and positioned for a strong 2024 selling season. To learn more about how a coach can help you take full advantage of the extraordinary year to come, schedule a free Business Consultation.

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