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Three Principles All Successful Business Leaders Live By

Three Principles All Successful Business Leaders Live By

Have you ever thought of what makes for an enriching business interaction? Typically, the most successful business leaders are also people with whom you enjoy working. Think about it — you wouldn’t want to do business with someone you found unpleasant, would you?

Typically, there are three foundational principles that these business leaders operate on to set themselves apart as people of influence — people we actually want to listen to. Apply these three principles to your own life, and let your own leadership light shine on your own success.

1. Show courtesy.

We were all taught this one as kids — it means being polite toward others with your attitude and actions. Yet it’s an easy one to disregard as the years go by. The most successful business leaders are well-mannered, polite and courteous to their colleagues. Remember, you catch more bees with honey. Start embracing kindness in your own leadership style!

2. Respect others.

By definition, respect means showing honor and esteem for others. Make your respect for your counterparts known. Commit to serving others all year round, and constantly establish yourself as a source of encouragement rather than negativity. Don’t forget to respect and care for yourself in the process, as you are your best asset.

3. Be a great host.

Great business leaders always roll out the welcome wagon for visitors and colleagues. People you do business with should feel welcomed and accepted by you and your team. Generosity is an attitude and spirit. It does not require major financial investment. Lead with friendliness and you will inspire others to do the same.

What kind of leader do you want to be as we finish 2019? Incorporate these three principles into your life one day at a time, and become one of the best when you embrace that spirit of courtesy, respect and hospitality. Give yourself some motivation by listening to The Brian Buffini Show podcast, exploring the mindsets, motivations and methodologies of success, with new episodes every Tuesday.

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