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3 Strategic Advantages of Using a Full-Service Marketing Program

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As a real estate agent, lead generation is your number one priority, never more so than now, when it’s a tight market. Having a comprehensive, top-quality marketing plan is a crucial part of that effort. That can feel daunting at times, as you try to create attention-getting collateral for traditional print, digital and the ever-changing world of social media.

Here are three top ways a full-service marketing program can help you reach your sphere, setting the stage for more leads, business and income.

1. A Powerful, Effective Database

If your database is not organized efficiently, you could risk having important connections get overlooked, resulting in missed opportunities and sales. Using a proven customer relationship management (CRM) system will keep this vital information up-to-date and at your fingertips for when you need it. It will also alert you to exactly when and how you should be contacting them.

2. Impactful Content and Messaging

With so many mixed messages on the state of real estate, you may not be sure what you should actually be communicating with your clients and how often. You may then find yourself putting off this crucial task and missing a window of opportunity. A great full-service marketing program can handle all of this for you! Seek out a program that has a roster of professionals that provides the most important up-to-date statistics and analysis on the market so you can then share that with your clients. The service should use this information to craft relevant and impactful collateral pieces, both for traditional mailings, as well as emails, that will showcase you as a top real estate professional who has their finger on the pulse of the market.

3. Multiple Sources of Timely Delivery

You know you need to have attractive, creative ways to reach your clients. But it’s so time consuming to create, edit, print, collate and mail pieces out. Social media can also be confusing as you try to ensure your content is posted correctly on the different platforms.

A professional marketing service can do all of this for you! Choose one that utilizes a variety of platforms to create timely, attention-grabbing content and then offers ways to get your pieces in your client’s hands, mailbox or inbox.

Buffini & Company — the Answer to Your Marketing Needs! When you use Buffini & Company’s Referral Maker® PRO, we take care of all aspects of your marketing for you. Real estate agents who use this service never have to worry about what content they will send to their clients and leads. Each month, we’ll send you well-researched and beautifully designed collateral pieces on important and trending topics that you can hand out to your clients. Or if you prefer, we can handle the mailing for you. We also provide content for follow-up emails you can use as well. Interested in learning more? We’ve got you! Sign up for a free Business Consultation today and we’ll help you get started.

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