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Tips to Help the Busy Real Estate Agent Get Organized

Sometimes it feels like there isn’t enough time to check everything off the to-do list, especially in real estate. Household activities like grocery shopping, laundry and cleaning are the last things you want to worry about after a long day of listing appointments, showings, kids’ sports games … the list is never-ending. 

Before you start to stress, take a deep breath. Here are some tips to help any busy real estate agent get organized at home, so you can find more productivity out in the field!

1. Get Groceries Delivered

Place your order online on a Friday, then schedule the delivery for the weekend when you’ll be home. Major stores like Costco, Walmart, Target and Sam’s Club offer next-day (or in some cases, same-day) delivery. Instacart, an app that partners with many major grocery chains, is another easy option for delivery. It sends a personal shopper to pick up your items and then drop them off at your home.

2. Commit to Meal Prep

Do all your cooking for the week ahead of time on a Saturday or Sunday. Start by preparing one meal, like lunch or dinner, then add more when you get into a groove. Consider meal prep recipes that use a slow cooker or one pot to streamline the process. Try to make meals you can freeze, so they keep longer. Apps like PlateJoy, Paprika and MealBoard allow you to research recipes, plan meals and create related grocery lists from the palm of your hand. Not only will meal prep save you time and money during the week, but it’ll also help you eat healthier!

3. Schedule a Home Cleaning Service

If a messy home has you stressed, consider investing in a cleaning service either weekly or monthly, depending on your budget and needs. Research different services, and get quotes from each. Don’t forget to check in with friends or colleagues though — someone might have the perfect referral for you. When your home base is tidy, so is your mind!

4. Designate a Laundry Schedule

Keep the piles at bay by making laundry a set part of your routine. Figure out what days the clothes will pile up and on which days you’ll need certain items cleaned. You might wash your towels and linens every Saturday afternoon, and clothing every Thursday evening. For delicates, some dry cleaners will pick up the clothes for you, delivering them when they’re ready.

When you learn to manage your time, you’ll find an increase in productivity and a decrease in stress levels when it comes to your real estate business. Incorporate these time management tips into your routine today, and the only thing you’ll have to think about is all you’re going to accomplish with those extra hours!

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