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Tips to Show an Attitude of Gratitude This Season

Even though the holidays may look a bit different this year, there is one thing that has remained the same — the power of gratitude!

This is still the best time to ramp up your gratitude practice and show appreciation toward your clients for trusting you with their real estate needs throughout the uncertainty of this tumultuous year.

One effective way to show your gratitude toward clients is to work it into your real estate marketing. By sending mailers or small appreciation gifts that match the spirit of the season, you are staying current in the minds of your clients while also thanking them for their business.

Here are a few ways to let your attitude of gratitude shine through in your real estate marketing efforts.

Host a Client Appreciation Event

Check with local health and safety guidelines to determine the safest method of hosting a real estate client appreciation event. If you and your client base are comfortable with an in-person gathering, consider hosting a small outdoor “reverse pop-by” event.

Purchase pies from your local Costco or bakery, and invite your A+ clients to swing by to pick one up. This should be small, since it’s reserved for your top clients only. If you have a larger database, offer multiple time slots for clients to stop by, so you don’t have too many people joining at once.

Consider hosting in your front yard or in the office parking lot for an outdoor venue. This is a healthy and fun way to say thanks to the clients who have sent you referrals throughout this crazy year!

Drop off a Gratitude Gift

One excellent real estate lead generation tactic is to deliver a Pop-By gift. These are small items you can leave with your clients to show you appreciate them. They can be given throughout the year, although you’ll find them especially meaningful during the holiday season!

Think about small items your clients may need this time of year. Popular gifts include turkey basters, seasonings, pot holders, coffee or hot chocolate and other items to complement this time of year. Attach a small tag or card to the item reminding the recipient that you are never too busy for their referrals!

Drop the item off at their doorstep, and follow up with a text saying that you stopped by. These small items make a big impact for real estate agents looking to generate leads while also showing gratitude!

Write a Personal Note

A handwritten note is always a heartfelt way to tell your clients you are grateful for them — and this holiday season is a great reason to pick up your pen and get writing!

Tell your clients what specifically you are grateful for when it comes to their business. Thank them for any referrals sent or just for working with you throughout the year.

Don’t forget to send your vendors some love as well! Share your gratitude for their referrals and their consistent support.

Personal notes will help you deepen relationships with vendors and clients and demonstrate your strong character. Again, you will remain top of mind for all their real estate needs!

To help you weave gratitude into your real estate marketing practice, you need a system that supports you every step of the way. Referral Maker® PRO is a real estate marketing kit that has marketing flyers, notecards and other items to help you step up your gratitude and lead generation game.

Sign up for a free business consultation to learn how Referral Maker® PRO will help you!

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