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To Sell is to Serve with Rachael Yeaman

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We all have a method we use to persuade people – a strategy we instinctively employ to get the result we want. This is both organic and learned – it’s something we’re born with, but it’s also something that grows and develops over time. In a professional setting, this method is called your selling strength: it’s the approach you take to influence others towards a desired outcome. The art of persuasion can get a bad rap – but it’s a very good thing when it’s used in the right way and with the right motivation: a desire to serve and help.

Understanding your natural selling strength is crucial to working more effectively and productively. Once you know what yours is, you’ll be able to maximize it to get more of what you want and help others get more of what they want too. You’ll also be able to analyze how you approach decision-making, how you react to confrontation and how you can better identify what others need to move forward. Tapping into this knowledge means you can take the first vital step toward intentionally utilizing your abilities, maximizing your productivity and reaching your goals.

Are you a Motivator or a Facilitator?

Motivators are born influencers. Because you’re willing to start the conversation and you like to share your ideas openly, you’re always able to break the ice and get the ball rolling. You inject momentum into any situation and you instinctively inspire others to act – if your clients can’t come to a decision, for example, you’re able to confidently guide and steer them. Even if circumstances are stagnant, you’ll get things moving again and you’ll bring everyone along with you. Negotiation is where you really shine. You love nothing more than tapping into this unique skill to benefit your clients, colleagues and community. In your enthusiasm to share, however, it’s vital that you don’t come across as pushy or bossy and cause people to feel pressure.

Facilitators are naturally empathetic and have an innate curiosity about others. Because you’re a great listener, people open up and share with you – a key component of becoming a trusted adviser. In a professional environment, your priority is to create an inclusive space where others feel comfortable. You don’t like to pressure or persuade people to come to a decision. Instead, you wait for others to speak first and then you offer a wide range of possible options to help them reach clarity. You’re careful to never step on anyone’s toes, and you don’t like to ask or impose. Your mantra is ‘wait to be invited in’ rather than intrude. However, to serve people at the highest levels, it’s also important to speak up and give direction.

You’re unique and so is your selling strength. Just like all of your gifts and abilities, your selling strength is on a spectrum and it can be influenced. Whether it develops or deteriorates is up to you. To achieve your full potential, you need to learn how to maximize your unique skills to help yourself, your clients, your colleagues and your community to win. The more you work on your selling strength, the better it will get – and the more success you’ll experience. With optimal use, awareness and a focus on growth, your selling strength can be a superpower! To learn how you can optimize your selling strength, listen to the latest episode of “It’s a Good Life” and take the free REALStrengths assessment today. 

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