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Using Facebook Live to Connect With Your Clients

Facebook Live is an incredibly valuable real estate marketing tool for agents who want to build relationships and provide clients with value.

These broadcasts are quick, easy and fun to record, and they offer a safe way to reach large amounts of people without getting face-to-face. Plus, you get to deepen your connection with clients, which is what it’s all about!  

Why Add Livestreaming

Livestreaming to Facebook, Instagram or any other platform adds another layer of engagement to your real estate marketing strategy. This method provides:

  • Personalized, real-time communication.
  • Client engagement opportunities.
  • Easy way to create and publish longer videos.
  • Sharing features that expand your content’s reach.

Getting Started

Going live on social media can be as simple or as intricate as you make it — while some choose to invest in mics and smartphone tripods, others stick with the webcam on their laptop. Basically, if you have a smartphone or a webcam, you’ve got all you need to get started. No matter how elaborate you decide to get with your tech, you are still opening a dialogue with your clients and getting “face-to-face.”

As you build livestreaming into your real estate marketing content plan, identify the social media platform most popular with your clients, and start there. Be sure to create a calendar event for the live on the platform if possible, and remind your database closer to the broadcast date so they remember to tune in.

What to Stream

The beauty of Facebook Live and similar platforms is that you can interact with audiences in real time.It’s normal for broadcasts to run a bit longer, since there will naturally be time for engagement, questions and comments in real time.

You’ll want to focus on subjects that encourage audience participation — things people want to comment or ask about. The goal is to strengthen your connection with clients, so they view you as a trusted advisor in real estate. Here are a few Facebook Live ideas for real estate agents:

Make a Connection

With each live broadcast you host, you should form a connection with clients that will keep them turning to you for their real estate needs. These Facebook Live broadcasts demonstrate that you are someone people can trust to represent them in their home buying or selling journey.

This should be the case for your overall real estate marketing strategy as well. Find ways to provide clients with valuable information on real estate and other helpful topics. Buffini & Company Referral Maker® PRO real estate marketing kit makes this easy — get beautifully designed custom marketing materials, digital eReports, note cards and more resources to help you Work by Referral and care for your client community.

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