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Want to Avoid Drift? Put the Good Stuff in

Brian Buffini labels drift as one of the deadliest predators of our business. I would add that it is the biggest predator of our happiness. How do you know you have drifted? It is dark all around you and you don’t know where you are or how you got there!

So, what do we do? We expected this month of business to be busy, and we don’t have any closings! There is tension at home. We are going through the motions but feel disjointed, stifled, depressed. The mistake I see people make (and I’m guilty of it too) is to just push harder towards the goal. That can be misguided if we have drifted. It is like paddling furiously in the dark. We still may not get anywhere. So can we snap out of it quickly?


Literal drift is corrected, first, by the ability to determine where you are (perspective) and the repeated stroke of the oar (habits)… The goal is to go from drifting to navigating. Once you are navigating, then you can focus on arrival or achievement. Everything in sequence, as they say!

Below are three aspects of perspective and a few habits to help you maintain a healthy one. The goal here is to believe that you are in a place of possibilities, no matter how dark it is in the moment. You have to believe the shore is there in order to see it. Want a little more on this concept? Revisit Diana Nyad in Episode 035.

So how do we regain perspective and take back control of our boat? We have to shift our fundamental beliefs about the possibilities. It is about intentionally influencing how we think and putting the good stuff in, as Brian Buffini says. It isn’t about denigrating ourselves or being upset with ourselves for past thinking.

The good stuff:

1) Gratitude: What is going right? Name that silver lining, out loud! This can be done quickly, on your drive in the morning, over a cup of coffee, or in a journal.

  • There are many Gratitude Apps out there: My Gratitude Journal, Happy Feed, Grateful. I like to say my gratitudes out loud because not only am I thinking it, I am therefor hearing it. That seems twice as powerful to me! You could also journal with your partner or as a family activity.
  • Not ready to be Polyanna or Poppy? Try writing personal notes in the morning. It is a great way to start the day with positivity while being productive.

2) Self-esteem: Say nice things to yourself. For example; if you have a difficult client that has you all tied up in knots you could purposefully reframe the situation. It’s much easier to achieve if you are on your own side!

  • Talk to yourself, “I am doing a great job handling a difficult person.” “I am really good at keeping it together even when it feels like my client is working against me.”
  • Replace SHOULD with COULD. Rather than, “I should really have better boundaries with my clients,” try; “I could have better boundaries with my clients.” Suddenly, it is an opportunity, not a judgement.

3) Abundance mindset: There is enough for everyone, including me. If you believe there are a limited number of opportunities, or say, listings, then every listing another agent gets is one taken from you. The logic follows that if you believe success is LESS possible, you will have LESS success.

  • Stop and think. Be aware of your thoughts, then you can choose to shift to an abundance mindset instead.
  • Make a list of all your potential opportunity and focus on growing that list.
  • Change your email signature! This year, mine says “It’s an abundant life.” Every time I send an email I type that out… that is a lot of reminders of abundance in one day!

The great news is, if you focus on a shift in perspective and use some new habits to stay there, you are more likely to put yourself in the way of inspiration. You want to set yourself up to trip over opportunity! That will make reaching your shore much easier.

Lindsey Zimmer

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