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Want to Be Great? Cultivate a Giver’s Mindset

Givers often get an unfair reputation. Cynical people may think them naïve and crow, “But people will just take advantage of you.” Some people only give when they know they’ll see a strategic benefit out of it, such as a promotion or new business. They’re not givers; they’re takers. The most successful people in any industry have one thing in common: they’re true givers. They give for the sake of giving, not to get anything in return. And, as a result of this selfless nature, they end up reaping the benefits.

Joe Niego says, “The greatest leaders, the greatest influencers, the greatest salespeople are the greatest givers. It’s the people who are giving the most who get the most.” It all boils down to the law of the harvest; if you give generously, it’ll come back to you.

5 things to give away freely

  1. Energy: There are people we meet who we just think, “I really like that person.” We can’t put our fingers on exactly why, but we know they’re good people. These folks exude great energy and leave the people they meet feeling happy, heard and appreciated.

How to give it away: Adopt a positive mindset and share your positivity with the people around you.

  1. A smile: It takes more effort to scowl than to smile. Smiles are contagious and can improve the days of both the people giving and receiving the smile.

How to give it away: Smile at clients, family, friends and strangers alike. Even if you’re having a crummy day; smile at the next person you see and you can be sure you’ll improve their mood and yours.

  1. A compliment: This can be tricky if you don’t really mean it. There is a trick to giving a genuine compliment:
  • Give the compliment: “I like the curtains in your living room.”
  • Tell the person why: “The color and pattern really ties the room together.”
  • Ask a question about the compliment you just gave: “Did you select them yourself or did you work with a designer to style this room?”
  1. Time: The gift of time is the greatest thing you can give anyone, whether it’s your favorite client or your loved ones. We’re busier than ever these days making the gift of time a rare commodity.

How to give it away: First, ask yourself what you value. Then prioritize your day around it. If you value your loved ones, aim to spend as much time as possible with them. For clients and colleagues, be present. Instead of thinking about the next thing, focus on your current conversation.

  1. Patience: Our get-it-now instant society has made us less patient than before. We have an Immediate-Response Expectation that raises our IRE when it’s not fulfilled. Patience causes us to slow down, empathize with the other person and extend grace.

How to give it away: Someone once said, “Patience is not only the ability to wait but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.” If you find yourself getting impatient, pause and count to 10, taking deep breaths as you count. Think from the other person’s perspective and look for ways you can serve them better.

Want more tips to help you tap into greatness? In this week’s episode of “The Brian Buffini Show,” Brian is joined by his good friend Joe Niego and they begin to outline the 10 guidelines of greatness. They share so much information we had to turn it into two episodes. Click here to listen to part one of the two part series.

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