We’re Bridging the Gap between Technology & Real Estate

We’re celebrating 20 years of helping real estate professionals lead successful businesses, but we’re not resting on our laurels. We want to help even more people!

While we encourage our clients to use the fundamentals to build their relationships, we’re no strangers to technology. We see technology as a tool that makes business even more effective and efficient.

People are always asking us, “What technology should I use?” There are so many apps and gadgets out there that promise the world results, but many of them don’t deliver. They’re difficult to use, don’t mesh with the basics of a referral-based business or only serve to distract us from our goals. We see the challenges our Members face trying to find the technology that is right for them and have committed to taking the guesswork out of the process.

As a company, we’ve invested heavily in technology that supports our philosophy to help our clients build the relationships that drive referrals. We put our money where our mouth was a few years ago when we developed Referral Maker® CRM to help our clients support their referral-based businesses. And we’re about to do it again with the MarTech Trends™ event.

During the one-day training, three of our best speakers will share the latest tech trends and marketing strategies to help real estate pros thrive in today’s high-tech business climate. We’re excited to share strategies and technologies that will help our clients cut through the clutter and take their businesses to the next level. While technology can’t replace the fundamentals, when leveraged with relationships, it can make our clients unstoppable.


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