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What Do Your Agents Want from You as Their Broker?

Recruitment and retention are two of the trickiest tasks a broker, owner or manager must handle. Every office wants to attract driven, hard-working agents, but accomplishing that goal takes some work.

The secret to recruiting and retaining great agents starts within. Once you build a vibrant culture that supports, mentors and empowers agents on the team, great talent will find you.

Identify what your agents need to be successful and provide them with the resources, accountability and real estate training necessary to achieve!   

Empowering Company Culture

Not only should your company culture be positive, but it should also empower agents to reach new heights. Become a team builder — the straw that stirs the drink. Seek out opportunities to build an office community, whether that’s through an outdoor barbeque, virtual or in-person happy hours or anything else that brings your agents together in a fun and authentic way. When your agents feel empowered within their professional community, it becomes much easier to retain your best.


Agents want to know their broker is invested in their success. Check in with your team frequently to ensure their professional needs are being met and brainstorm ways to overcome any challenges. In addition to one-on-one regular meetings with agents, consider holding “office hours” where members of your team can ring you up and discuss any questions or issues. Establish yourself as a trusted advisor to help your agents learn and grow.

Real Estate Training Plan

When the skills improve, so does income; as a result, many agents have a vested interest in finding real estate training opportunities. A broker who prioritizes professional development will attract these driven agents and create an exceptional, highly skilled team that’s always improving. Get your team on a real estate training plan that allows them to constantly level up! Ideally, brokers, owners and managers should aim for a plan that trains agents weekly, whether that’s through an online course, a webinar or any other professional development resource.

Start building your empowering office community now to recruit and retain high-quality real estate agents dedicated to professional development. Looking for a robust training program to offer to the team? Buffini & Company has several real estate training solutions for agents at every step in their career. Get Buffini Certified to lead these industry-leading real estate training programs in your office today!

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