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What to Look for in an Accountability Partner

When it comes to achieving our goals, we all do better when we have to answer to someone. Take plans to exercise, for example. Many of us regularly set goals to work out more often, only to lose enthusiasm and momentum soon after. The main reason this deceleration happens is because we go it alone. Without someone to hold us accountable, it’s easy to make an excuse and skip the workout. In contrast, when we have a buddy or a coach by our side we achieve much more. Why? Because there can be no excuses!

This same principle applies when it comes to taking a real estate training course like The Pathway to Mastery®. If you have someone in your corner to encourage you and ensure that you do what you say you will, your success rate increases. You’re not in it alone, which means you’re far more likely to stay on track and achieve your goals in the long run.

Your accountability partner can be a mentor or somebody who is taking the class with you, but he or she should share certain core traits.

  • Relatable

Has your accountability partner already been in your shoes or is he or she currently experiencing what you are? Relatability is a key factor in mentorship. Your partner should be able to keep you on the road to success by giving wise and practical advice that’s informed by personal experience.

  • Empathetic

Can your partner understand and empathize with any challenges you might encounter on your journey to success? Getting positive and practical support and motivation when you’re feeling downhearted and discouraged is vital to making progress.

  • Willing to Hold Your Feet to the Fire

Being empathetic is important, but an accountability partner also shouldn’t be afraid to challenge you and call you out when required. Sometimes we all need an extra push to propel us forward and grow!

  • Celebratory

Momentum needs celebration. Your partner should encourage you to celebrate every win, no matter how small. To continue to grow, it’s vital to recognize how far you’ve come and the progress you’ve made along the way.

  • In it for the Long Haul

Success doesn’t happen overnight; it takes long-term work and dedication to your goals. Along the way, your accountability partner should check in with you regularly to help you stay consistent with the skills you’ve developed and encourage you to keep learning and growing.

Accountability is the secret to success. Whatever next-level goals you want to achieve, having someone to keep you accountable for your choices and actions makes the critical difference when it comes to getting where you want to go. If you want to achieve more than you ever dreamed possible, pair up with the right partner today!

For the best real estate training in the industry, check out The Pathway to Mastery® from Buffini & Company!

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