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What’s in the box? Inside the Marketing Kit

Welcome to the Membership Services blog, your one-stop shop for what’s going on in Membership Services! Each month, we’ll give you an overview of the month’s content in your Referral Maker® Marketing Kit and how it relates to your clients, the scoop on new product updates and any other important news that we think you should know.

What’s in the Box?

Every month, you receive your Referral Maker® Marketing Kit filled with Marketing Flyers, personal notes and stickers to send to your database to keep you at the top of their minds. We choose topics that are most likely to be relevant to your clients based on trending search criteria. Additionally, they’re also intended to show your character and competence as a real estate professional.

While not every topic will be of interest to every client in your database, we’ve designed them so that your clients can easily share them with family members or friends who may find it interesting (and if you personalize your Marketing Flyers, they can get in touch with you as well!). Your monthly Marketing Flyers and corresponding eReports are intended to give you an opportunity to touch base with your clients. When you send them consistently each month, they help to reinforce your role as your clients’ trusted advisor.

Oh, by the way… Are you using Referral Maker® real estate CRM to help you send your Marketing Flyers and eReports; track your calls, notes and Pop-Bys and plan your next client party? Remember, Referral Maker is a free resource to our Members that we’ve designed to make it easy and fun to work by referral. Visit ReferralMaker.com to upload your database and start using Referral Maker today!

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