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When Times Get Tough, Share a Powerful Podcast

As an agent who Works by Referral, relationships are at the heart of everything you do. While these relationships may play a leading role in your real estate lead generation, they also play a huge role in your life. That’s the beauty of this system — getting to work with people you know and care about. During these uncertain times, make sure you are demonstrating this care for your clients by checking in with them. One excellent way to do this is by sharing a motivational podcast.

If you are already listening to “The Brian Buffini Show” podcast, connecting in this way is easy. Think about it — you’ve probably heard an episode from this show that left you feeling inspired, motivated and encouraged on several occasions. The content is carefully crafted by real estate leader Brian Buffini and his team to help agents stay well-rounded in business and life. It’s intentionally designed to lift spirits and support others!

As you seek out opportunities to stay connected and support your clients during these difficult times, consider passing along episodes of “The Brian Buffini Show.” Here’s what this motivational podcast can do for your relationships:


Perhaps you’ve been wanting to check in with your clients, but you weren’t sure what to say. A simple call or text to see how they’re holding up can be so impactful — and if you want to connect on an even deeper level, mention an episode of “The Brian Buffini Show” that really resonated with you. When you share something you took to heart, you can inspire the person you’re speaking with, while also sharing a resource to help them find a light in tough times.


There is a ton of noise out there about the housing market and the economy. That’s why every “Thursday during the COVID-19 pandemic, “The Brian Buffini Show” releases exclusive interviews with industry leaders and government officials to break down what’s actually going on. If you have a friend who has been concerned about the state of the world right now, share one of these interviews to let them know that the sky is not falling. You will bring calm to the chaos and provide them with up-to-date market information right from the source. Ultimately, you are helping them understand that this too shall pass — something that many of us need to hear right now. 


Have you checked in with a client who shared a personal story? Or perhaps you noticed a friend on Facebook going through a hardship. “The Brian Buffini Show” podcast is filled with inspirational content meant to help others succeed. If you think an episode can help one of your clients who’s going through a tough time, share an episode with them. Let these episodes help you to be a voice of encouragement in these troubling times.

Sharing these podcasts is simple. You can visit www.thebrianbuffinishow.com and copy the link of your favorite episode to share in an email or text. You can also open up the listening platform you use (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc.), and look for the option to copy the episode link.

Start sharing “The Brian Buffini Show” podcast today so you can connect with, inform and encourage your clients during these unprecedented times. For more tips, inspiration and advice on how to navigate the real estate industry during these unprecedented times, visit the Buffini Bonus Resources page.

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