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Which Real Estate Training Program is Right For You?

No matter where you’re at in your real estate career, you should always be looking for ways to brush up on your skill set! Everyone from new licensees to veteran agents can benefit from a real estate agent training course that meets them where they’re at and takes them to the next level.

At Buffini & Company, we have a training program for every step on the real estate career path. Whether you just entered the business or your decades into your career, there is a course intentionally-designed with your needs in mind.

Here are the Buffini & Company real estate training programs broken down by where you’re at in your career. See which one is best for your business right now!

100 Days to Greatness®

Best for: New agents.

Overview: This 14-week real estate training program for new agents offers a comprehensive look at everything you need to lay a solid foundation for a long-term career. Currently, real estate agents with less than two years of experience are making only $8,900 per year, causing many to quit the business. Real estate legend Brian Buffini developed 100 Days to Greatness®to get licensees the skills they need to increase their earnings in their first 100 days on the job and build a thriving business that lasts.

What You Learn: 

  • How to launch a successful career.
  • The Working By Referral lead generation system.
  • What a thriving database looks like and how to build one.
  • The basics of working with buyers and sellers.

The Pathway to Mastery®—Essentials

Best for: The producing agent.

Overview: This program is best suited for agents who are early-to-mid career with a knack for sales and marketing. In eight weeks, agents will learn in-depth strategies on client presentation, negotiation and communication that will transform them into productive business owners who consistently exceed their income goals.

What You Learn:

  • How to generate high-quality leads.
  • The seven essentials of negotiation. 
  • Strategies for working with modern buyers and sellers.
  • In-depth time management tips.

The Pathway to Mastery®—Advanced

Best for: The professional agent.

Overview: If you’ve got some extensive Working By Referral experience under your belt, and you’ve already taken The Pathway to Mastery®—Essentials,check out the next level up. The Pathway to Mastery®—Advanced is part two of three in The Pathway to Mastery® real estate training suite. This eight-week real estate training program helps experienced agents who have hit an income plateau take it to the next level to become top-producing professionals in their region. 

What You Learn:

  • How to grow your business systems.
  • Financial management for the pro agent.
  • The power of cultivating B2B relationships.
  • World class customer service strategies.

Investing in the right real estate program can help you boost your profits and build a business that’s guaranteed to last. Select the Buffini & Company real estate agent training program that’s right for you and get started today!

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