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Why Great Customer Service is Always Essential

Providing great customer service is more important than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic has made the world a difficult place this year — your clients need to know you are in their corner and ready to help wherever you can.

Any real estate coach will tell you that when you commit to great customer service, you are building trust with your clients, which makes them more comfortable referring you to friends and family in the future. It all starts with addressing your clients’ needs right now and supporting them.

Here’s how you can be a source of strength and support for others right now.

Make Someone’s Day

In dark times, you can be a shining beacon of light for people by offering them encouragement and hope. If you can’t meet face-to-face right now, demonstrate your care with thoughtful gestures.

You could deliver a small appreciation gift to their door, for example, while making sure that you adhere to all the recommended safety guidelines. If this isn’t an option, you could call to say hello and check in or mail a personal note to let them know you are thinking of them.

Going above and beyond to take care of others during times of hardship will strengthen the bonds and deepen your relationships with your clients in the future.

Make It Fun

Everyone needs a bright spot in their day, especially now, and social media is a great way to make connections and keep spirits up in a fun and impactful way.

Why not consider hosting virtual challenges with your clients? A little friendly competition can be a welcome distraction!

You could also act as a resource hub, providing customers with ideas for activities they could do at home with their families. You could even provide free resources, such as coloring pages for kids and adults, recipes that family members could try together or resources they could tap into to work out and stay fit.

Consider also hosting Facebook Lives to keep people updated with developments in the marketplace. Being a source of both information and fun is a powerful way to help people.


Even in challenging and difficult circumstances, there are always opportunities to help others. Be an innovator in the lives of your customers and do whatever you can to find ways to assist them.

For example, many local community banks and credit unions recently figured out how to assist small businesses with CARES Act loans earlier this year, going above and beyond to make sure they could provide support for their customers when they needed it most.

When this storm has passed, those who experienced difficulty will remember who was there to provide help—and who was not. Make sure your customers remember you for all the right reasons.

When times are tough, you must kick into high gear and work extra hard to support and advise your clients. For more tips on how to dish up great customer service, download this free infographic!

If you’re looking for additional guidance when it comes to providing exceptional service, Buffini & Company real estate coaching is there for you. Sign up for a free business consultation to see how Buffini & Company One2One Coaching can level up your customer service game!

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