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Why Your Real Estate Coach Wants You to Party

Why Your Real Estate Coach Wants You to Party

At Buffini & Company, we’re big on working by referral. Our clients never have to rely on passive methods of lead generation or wonder where they’ll find next month’s business, especially when they have a real estate coach. They get accountability when Working by Referral so they may systematically generate predictable, high-quality leads and earn consistent high income as a result.

At the core of the working by referral system is a focus on maintaining a consistent level of contact with, and care for, the top clients in your database and building long-lasting relationships with them. The upcoming holiday season is a great time of year to solidify these relationships. If you’re in One2One Coaching™, chances are you’ve heard your real estate coach talk about client appreciation parties already. By hosting a client appreciation party, you’ll get to break bread with your A+ clients and generously thank them for their business, support and referrals. A party will also allow your top clients to interact with each other, creating a community of likeminded people. Here’s why your coach wants you to host a party this holiday season:  

Give Back to Your Top Clients

Your A+ clients are the ones who give you the most referrals and will continue to send you even more in the months and years to come. These folk help your business to thrive, so you definitely want to give back and show how much you appreciate them. Why not consider a themed gathering? You could even hire a local photographer to capture the occasion for promotional purposes. During the Thanksgiving holidays in both Canada and the United States, for example, we encourage clients to host a “pie party.” This type of sweet-treat party is a fun and casual way to bring people together without the pressure of hosting a more formal event, and it’s a great excuse to get the A+ people in your database together. You could even open the party up to your B clients too…’tis the season after all! Chat with your coach first to decide what works with your budget and what investment you want to make.   

Generate Referrals

The A+ people in your database are already happy to refer you, but you might not always hear about it! When you get these clients together in a room, they have the opportunity to share with you that real estate referral they’ve been meaning to tell you about but haven’t had the chance to. Even better, by investing in your relationships with these clients, you get to stay at the top of their minds, especially if you follow up afterwards. Throughout the holiday season and the months following your party, these clients will send you even more referrals — deals that will close as you start the New Year. 

When your real estate coach asks you to party, listen up! Client parties are a smart investment in your business, a great way to give back and a powerful way to generate real estate referrals. Remember  —your coach is always here to help you. Use this handy Client Party Checklist to help you plan and execute a fun, memorable experience that will get your clients talking. Cheers to your perfect party!  

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