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At this time of year, many of us begin to reflect. We reflect on the events of the past year. We think about our wins and the challenges we’ve faced along the way and what we could have done differently. We also think about ways we can improve, both professionally and personally. This is, indeed, a pensive time of year.

It’s also a time of year when we may be feeling frustrated or depressed, unmotivated, empty or overly critical. If we’ve faced a large number of challenges this year or have hit a rut in our businesses, it’s easy to feel stuck. Many people give up at this point or take a break until the New Year. It’s hard to rise up when you’re being pulled down. Instead of giving up, get in touch with your purpose. 

Your purpose is the reason for which you exist.

We’re all here for a reason; you just may not know what it is yet. You know you haven’t found it yet if you’re feeling self-consumed, critical and unmotivated. Knowing your purpose is the solution to all of these symptoms.

How to find your purpose

Finding your purpose takes time and self-awareness. Here are a few ways to find it:

  1. What do you value or believe in? Your purpose will align with your values. Write down what you value and believe in.
  2. What have you experienced in life? Specifically, reflect on a time when you’ve been hurt. It’s often the heartbreaking things that brought you to your knees that can help others get off theirs. Think of ways to share your experience and journey with others so they can learn from your experiences.
  3. What causes do you have or would like to support? Sometimes you can tap into your support for particular causes to help you find your purpose. Many of our Members volunteer with organizations they care about to support their favorite cause; additionally, some Members have started their own organizations to align with their values and purpose.
  4. What’s your vocation? Don’t just do your job; do your purpose while on the job. Morris Greenberg said, “Go out into the world and find work that you love and work hard to make a difference.” If your purpose is to help people realize their dream of homeownership, then work hard to help people do just that.
  5. What are your most intense abilities and attributes? The Heritage Profile was developed to help our members identify their strongest abilities and talents so they can use them to achieve their true potential. Review your Heritage Profile attributes and reflect on how they can relate to your purpose.

All roads lead to service

Real estate is a service business. To thrive in the industry, you have to marry your purpose with service.

  1. Find a need. Pay attention—every conversation and interaction you have with your clients will provide insight into how you can serve your clients better. It’s often the smallest things that mean the most to people.
  2. Fill a need. My mentor, Zig Ziglar said, “You can get everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want.” When they mention a need, find a way to fill it, whether it’s a referral to a tradesperson or a hand putting together a crib.
  3. Do it for the joy of it. How great do you feel after you’ve served? Mother Theresa said that “Joy is a sign of generosity.” Tap into that spirit!
  4. Serve unconditionally. Give freely without the expectation of getting something in return. While some people will return the favor, others may not…and that’s fine either way.
  5. Be generous. Generosity has nothing to do with how much you have; it’s freely giving of what you have, whether it’s time, your skills or money. You don’t have to be rich to give, but giving will definitely make you rich in spirit.

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