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100 Days to Greatness Gives Young Agent a System for Success

At just 21 years old, Bonny Griffith is crushing it in the real estate game, but her success didn’t happen overnight.

Based in Prince George, British Columbia, Bonny got her real estate license in September 2020. Navigating a new industry and a global pandemic at the same time was a big undertaking — she closed two transactions that year, but Bonny wanted more direction.  

“I was feeling quite lost and was looking for a strategy for my business,” says Bonny.

In January 2021, things changed. Bonny’s broker offered a real estate training program: Buffini & Company 100 Days to Greatness®. The program is designed to help new agents implement a system and strategy for their business within their first three months on the job. This was exactly the push Bonny needed for her own business to take off.

“In the past 100 days I have closed seven transactions and currently have three pending,” says Bonny.

You read that right. The course helped Bonny nearly quadruple her transactions with less than one year in the business. So how did one real estate training program put this young agent on the fast track to success?

It introduced her to a time-tested system for real estate lead generation.

“I finally had a plan and a course of action to implement,” says Bonny.

In 100 Days to Greatness, agents learn how to tap into their sphere of influence. They consistently provide those individuals with exceptional value and customer service before, during and after a real estate transaction, so these relationships will want to refer the agent to friends and family. It’s a system based on relationships, and for Bonny, working this way felt completely natural. 

“My favorite part of working the system is the correlation to my personal mission to serve and improve the lives of people,” says Bonny. “I get to be a guide for clients as they make some of the most important decisions in their lives.”

Bonny took 100 Days to Greatness through her broker, who is certified to lead Buffini & Company trainings as a Mentor. Other agents may choose to take the course independently online. Agents like Bonny who immerse themselves into this real estate training program emerge inspired, motivated and prepared to begin a strong, robust career in the industry.

“The education was no longer entertainment, and my tires were smoking on the runway,” says Bonny.

Ready to jumpstart your real estate career? Learn more about how 100 Days to Greatness can help you establish a strong foundation that holds your real estate business for years to come. Sign up to take the 14-week course online or ask your broker to bring 100 Days to Greatness to your office!

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