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From Skeptic to Believer: My Personal Growth & Development Journey

“I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!” I can still see the infamous Saturday night live self-help guru, Stuart Smalley turning around, looking at himself in the mirror, and satirically/mockingly reciting these words on his “Daily Affirmations with Stuart Smalley” show. This was my original ignorant and immature view of […]

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The Role of Giving

Working by referral requires a mindset and a system. Buffini & Company provides incredible training and systems to create a referral-based business. If you work the system, you will have success. If you follow the working by referral sequence of Give/Ask/Receive you will have a successful business. Give The system is designed to help you […]

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Building the habits that help you generate leads and achieve your goals in 2017

What’s the number one thing in your job description? If you said “lead generation” or “generating leads” you are correctamundo according to both Fonzie (millennials, you can find him on Wikipedia) and Brian Buffini. Leads are the heartbeat and the life blood of your business. Your energy follows your focus. So, what does that mean […]

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Are You Productive or Just Busy?

British historian and public administration scholar C. Northcote Parkinson wrote, “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” Known as Parkinson’s Law, it is the reason you may often feel busy, but not productive. Busyness is filling time; productivity is using time. Busy people expend effort, but have little to show […]

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Planning and Preparing for 2017

A good Real Estate Business Plan helps you identify the opportunity for success with a plan of action and goals. It outlines what you want to achieve and how you plan on getting there, and helps you allocate resources, prepare for potential obstacles and become accountable. advance planning, or as I refer to it, the […]

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