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A Real Estate CRM for Teams that is Worth the Investment

Congratulations! You’ve built your dream real estate team and have the A+ talent you need to serve all of your leads and clients. It’s time to train your real estate team on the systems and processes you have in place that have helped you to grow your business.

This important step will help to ensure that each client is treated how you would treat them, and it will protect your reputation within your market.

If you haven’t had time to capture what you do and how you do it, that’s okay! Here are the top things to consider.

Upgrade (or Invest in) a Real Estate CRM

While there is no “one-size-fits-all” product, there is a solution for your unique needs. A great real estate CRM, or customer relationship manager, is not only an online platform to help your agents manage contacts, schedule tasks, monitor their pipelines, and stay organized. It is also your dashboard to assign leads, track your teams’ progress and to discover areas where they may need your coaching and advice.

With so much real estate CRM software on the market today, it’s important that you think through what you need your program to do.  For example, do you need a real estate CRM that lets you assign leads while offering quick access into each of your team members daily actions? Do you need a program that plans each team member’s day so that they are productive instead of “busy”?  Or, is it important to you to be able to control who has access to different functions?

Once you have a clear idea of what you are looking for, consider how well your real estate team will embrace this system and how easy it will be for them to get trained. Remember, your real estate CRM needs to meet everyone’s needs, so ask them what they would find helpful.

Since most agents want to close deals and make money, consider that Referral Maker® CRM is the only product that sets each agent’s daily action based on their individual financial goals. It is also easy to set-up with self-paced training videos and live support that is available daily.

Document and Delegate

If you’re like most real estate team leaders, you decided to build your team when you felt like you would lose your clients, your mind or both with how busy you were getting!  

Now, you have the opportunity to shift into a leadership role. Start by identifying the systems and processes you have in place (or need to get in place), including real estate marketing systems, lead generation systems, real estate CRM protocols, follow up procedures, relationship building strategies, launching new listings and more.

You don’t have to do it alone. Use this as a simple way to involve your new real estate team and to create a culture that you all love. Delegate each need by providing a template, clear direction and then share what has worked for you before.

Let each team member develop a standard operating procedure for each task that includes ideas for scripts, communication plans and drafts of emails.

Take the next step in preparing your team for success. Schedule a complimentary business consultation to learn more about Referral Maker® CRM for Real Estate Teams and how this system can simplify your business operations and training.

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