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Brian Buffini's Bold Predictions

We living in a rapidly changing world – and nowhere is the speed of this change more apparent than in the real estate industry. In my recent Bold Predictions: Mid-Year Update I tapped into the most up-to-date data and research available to analyze what lies ahead and help you effectively and easily navigate industry disruptors. 

Here are my top tips to help you deal with upcoming changes, capitalize on future opportunities and live the good life, no matter what the second half of 2019 has in store: 

1. Be extraordinary!

Today’s consumers are more educated, technologically advanced and diligent in their preparation and research than ever before. However, they are also more cautious, anxious and in need of a trusted adviser and skilled professional to guide them.

Unfortunately, there have never been so many unskilled people in real estate. If you want to stand out and withstand the changes happening in the industry, you can’t just show up; you must work on your craft, be professional and refine your skill set. For example, negotiation is the most important skill for a Realtor but it’s by far the worst practiced in the marketplace. Remember, consumers need someone who really knows what they’re doing, not just someone with a licence.

2. Focus on relationships

Technology has its place, but it can never replace the power of relationships. Strong relationships are the cornerstone of every great business. Go above and beyond in your interactions with your customers and not only will you create enduring and loyal bonds, you’ll have walking, talking billboards for your business, no matter what the market throws at you.  

3. Be better with the fundamentals

In a rapidly-changing marketplace, real estate professionals really need to master the fundamentals if they want to successfully navigate disruption and better serve their clients.Peaks and valleys in income are the price you pay for not mastering the fundamentals. What’s the solution? Real estate training, systems and motivation. That’s where we can help! The most successful agents in North America are already working Buffini & Company’s new The Pathway to Mastery – Essentials system. We’re not only helping lead people through change, we’re helping them to prosper in the midst of the change too. With real estate companies in flux, huge amounts of capital flooding the market, low cost brokerage models on the rise and commission pressures increasing all the time, highly-skilled, relationship focused professionals are the ones who will make a fortune in the future.

Change can be scary but – if you anticipate and plan for it – you’ll be prepared, get ahead of the game and stay on track for success. So bet on yourself, invest in your skills and get after it!

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