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Building the Dream Team

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To achieve true success, every real estate team needs a great team leader. Teams are the single biggest economic opportunity in the market today, but leaders often encounter so many pitfalls that their attempts to build the dream team fail. Here are some ways you can elevate your skills, build a winning culture and become the leader your team needs to achieve phenomenal success in this changing market:

Be consistent

A good leader is someone who creates an environment in which one or more individuals move in a coordinated manner towards the accomplishment of a goal. A great leader is someone who does this consistently! Unfortunately, being consistent doesn’t come naturally to most of us, which is why we need to put the structures, systems and habits in place to help us succeed at the highest levels.

Establish trust with your team

The three biggest concerns of the people you lead are: Can I trust you? Are you good at what you do? Do you care about me? Trust with your team is built when you establish your core values, align them with your business and live them authentically. Then you must hold the people you lead accountable to the values you’ve set and allow them to hold you accountable in turn. Remember, leadership is less about skills and more about living by your values.

Show your team you care

Author Simon Sinek once said, “Leadership is not about being in charge, leadership is about taking care of those in your charge.” To show you care, take the time to pop by and check in with your team members on a regular basis. A simple hello and a quick chat can go a long way to building a stronger relationship. If you know that someone is experiencing a difficult life challenge, make sure you acknowledge, not ignore, that fact. When it comes to policy application, you must be scrupulously fair, consistent and transparent across the board. Also, remember that all winning teams have conflict – the trick is to provide an outlet for everyone to voice their opinion and be heard. A great way to do this is to have a synergistic Magic Meeting where all team members can have their say, share feedback and propose ideas for improvement.

In today’s changing market, effective leadership is more important than ever. A real estate leadership coach can help you to become the type of leader your team wants to follow. With the right real estate coach on your side, you’ll get the structure, accountability and support you need to build a dream team that performs at maximum efficiency. Find out more at Buffini & Company Leadership Coaching™.

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