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Coaching Tips For Adjusting to the New Normal

As you get your business back to normal, Buffini & Company real estate coaches are here to help. You don’t have to go about your rolling start alone! Remember these tips as you navigate the new normal for your real estate business.

Set Daily Minimums

When you’re trying to get back into a routine, it’s the little things that add up to bring you to your new normal! Coach Michael Heater at Buffini & Company recommends taking it one step at a time. “Set daily minimum standards that can be honored even on the toughest of days,” says Coach Michael. This could be one pushup, one phone call, one chapter in a book, etc. By taking baby steps, you’ll win little-by-little each day.

Revisit Your Marketing Calendar

Chances are you had a plan baked out for 2020 that’s needed a few revisions. Coach Mimi Throckmorton at Buffini & Company says to take a step back and rework it to accommodate your state and local health guidelines. “For example, turn your party into a reverse pop by party,” Coach Mimi says. “Let them come to you for a gift and a quick hello!” She says you’ll find tremendous peace-of-mind when you have a plan moving forward.

Determine Client Comfort Levels

In these uncertain times, many of your clients will have different comfort levels when it comes to in-person contact. Buffini & Company real estate coach Gail Pilien explains, “Conflict arises when expectations differ. Find out your client’s comfort zone before you meet them for a showing or appointment, so you can meet their needs.” Of course, be sure to comply with all health and safety guidelines first and foremost!

Connect With Clients on the Fence

Buffini & Company Coach Julie Gardner advises her coaching clients to consistently check in with the folks in their database who have expressed an interest in potentially buying or selling. “The one power question I’m asking my folks is, ‘Who do you know that’s been sitting on the fence about buying or selling their home?’” Coach Julie says. “I’m coaching them up to continue to make high touch care calls.” This is critical right now, with historically low interest rates plus an inventory shortage making the market quite attractive for buyers and sellers, respectively. If your clients are in a good financial position, it doesn’t hurt to reach out about possibly entering the market.

Make Time for Reflection

The pandemic caused a slow down for many businesses, including real estate. However, if your business is slow right now, Coach Gail Pilien at Buffini & Company suggests using that down time to reflect. “What were you doing before the pandemic that you need to get back to?” Coach Gail often asks her clients. “What new habit or skill are they doing now they want to continue and what new habit do they want to stop?” Once you answer these questions, you can make a plan to get back on track!

Give Yourself Days Off

While staying at home, many of us found plenty of downtime. Rushing back into appointments, showings and meetings full speed ahead can leave you feeling exhausted and burnt out. “Clients are ready to buy and sell finally, so we must practice self-care and set our time boundaries,” says Coach Mimi. “It’s okay to work really hard, but balance it out with a complete day off now.”

If you need some guidance navigating the new normal, get a real estate coach for your business! Buffini & Company real estate coaches are the best in the industry and will help you get back on track. Sign up for your free business consultation to learn if One2One Coaching is right for you!

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