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Create a Robust Real Estate Marketing Content Calendar

You’ve probably heard the phrase “content is king” — and it’s 100% true!

The content you share with your database is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to your real estate marketing strategy. If you can share high-quality, value-add content across multiple platforms, not only will your clients trust you more, but they will also associate your brand with excellence, and eagerly refer your services to friends and family.  

So how do you maintain a consistent, content-driven real estate marketing strategy that earns you new customers by serving your current ones? Your marketing must cover all of your bases, reaching clients through several touchpoints.

Start by creating a real estate marketing calendar to keep track of and plan all your efforts. You could try this free real estate marketing calendar template, or create a spreadsheet from scratch. This document will help you plan your marketing activities and dates. Remember to revisit it monthly or quarterly with updates.

For a robust, well-rounded real estate marketing plan, try including these six key things.

  1. Send Items of Value. Mail monthly real estate marketing flyers containing valuable information on topics like the housing market, taxes, time management and more. These should be helpful and informative to create opportunities for follow-up conversations.
  1. Start a blog. Take the content in the monthly Item of Value and write a complementary blog to post on your website. This helps clients engage with the content in a different way.
  1. Get social. Share your real estate marketing content through your social media posts. Host a Facebook Live to engage followers with the content on your Item of Value, or simply share market updates for your region.
  1. Deliver “Pop-Bys.” Bring your clients small appreciation gifts related to the theme of your monthly Item of Value or any holidays that month. You may deliver candy for Valentine’s Day, wrapping paper around the holidays or other inexpensive yet useful (or delicious) gifts. These are considered part of your real estate content marketing, since you’re bringing them to stay top of mind with clients!
  1. Host a client event. Whether you host an event virtually or socially-distanced in person, find ways to get your top-referring clients together for a fun appreciation event.

Get started on your real estate marketing calendar to plan your client visits, events and content throughout the year. For more monthly real estate marketing materials like value-add flyers, notecards and digital resources, check out Buffini & Company Referral Maker PRO real estate marketing kit.

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