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Creative Ways to Celebrate the Fourth

This 4th of July you can skip the crowds since most parades and fireworks are canceled. However, that doesn’t mean you need to skip celebrating America’s birthday! Even with social restrictions, there are plenty of fun and festive activities that you can do with the entire family.

Have your own parade. Decorate your bikes, scooters or yourselves in red, white and blue and take a family ride or walk through your community. It’s easy to make this a neighborhood event with a little advance notice and planning that invites everyone to come up with festive decorations that infuse a little American spirit in your day.

Go to your local park. In many communities, public parks are open. What a perfect spot for your celebration! Take a hike and enjoy birdwatching and maybe catch a few bugs or butterflies. Round out your day with a patriotic picnic that includes colorful foods (that will stay fresh on-the-go) like peanut butter and red jam, strawberries and blueberries, jicama and red pepper strips and of course chips and drinks.

Make a day of it by packing your yard games (frisbee anyone?) and don’t forget to pack a few comfortable blankets so that you can relax while the kids run out their energy.

Organize a neighborhood tournament. Sure, the Olympics are canceled. But, that’s no reason why you can’t organize your community into a little friendly competition. Invite each household to host an event (like badminton, cornhole, croquet, bocce ball, etc.) and then rotate each family through the games.

Keep score along the way and wrap it up with an award ceremony at the end of the event.

Go on an overnight staycation. Keep it local when you enjoy dinner and a movie at home. If your holiday tradition includes a backyard cookout, make it interactive with a build-your-own burger and hot dog stand. You can even get the kids involved making red, white and blue no-bake desserts.

Once your stomachs are satisfied and the sun has slipped down, enjoy an outdoor movie that you can prep for with this checklist. If you’re home theater is super-cozy, you may just find your family snoring until the sun comes up.

Dance! Your entire family can add songs to a summertime playlist. Turn the music up and the lights down to create your own party at home. Add some holiday sizzle with red, white and blue glowsticks or flashlights and make it a 4th of July to remember.

We’re here for you! For more tips, inspiration and advice on how to navigate the real estate industry during these unprecedented times, visit the Buffini Bonus Resources for ideas.

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