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Does Your Real Estate Office Keep a Culture of Growth?

Whether you’re a rookie agent or a seasoned real estate veteran, there is always room to grow. As a broker, owner or manager of a real estate office, it’s essential to create an environment that supports and encourages professional development among the team. 

When you lead a real estate office, there are three areas in which you must find success:

  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Profitability

Creating a culture of professional growth in your office can help you meet all these areas. For example, as agents build their skills, their profits increase — and so do yours.

Because these agents know that you are invested in their success, they feel valued, and as a result choose to stay with your team — retention, check!

Finally, they may begin to refer qualified friends and colleagues to join your real estate team, since you have made it an environment where people can grow and achieve.

As you look to attract new talent, you’ll want to make it clear that your office is dedicated to professional growth. This is especially important when attracting new agents, because they want to know that your company will take them further than the brokerage across town.

What does a culture of growth look like in a real estate office? Here are five pillars of a growth-oriented office.

  • Mindset — Your team understands that growing is the goal, and that everyone is able to succeed together.
  • Discomfort — If you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not growing! Everyone on the team should challenge themselves to get uncomfortable, and to push through any obstacles with the support of the team.
  • Leading by Example — As the broker, owner or manager of the office, you live what you teach by constantly pursuing growth so that you may set an example for the agents.
  • Celebration — Take time to celebrate victories along the way. Recognize team achievement and provide incentives for growth.
  • Collaborative — Your team knows the power of collaboration. The synergy culture is next level, and the agents in your office are always ready to help one another succeed, instead of tearing each other down.

One of the simplest ways to build a culture of growth is to provide real estate training in your office! Buffini & Company 100 Days to Greatness® is a real estate training program for new agents. Get Buffini Certified to lead this course to your new recruits — by investing in their success, you can keep your profits up and your agents engaged throughout their real estate career!

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