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Embrace an Attitude of Gratitude for Success

At this time of year, there’s often a focus on what we’re thankful for. But gratitude should be for life, not just during the holidays! Here are some powerful ways you can vastly improve all aspects of your life by embracing an attitude of gratitude year-round:

  • Say Please and Thank You.

My mother always told me, “It costs nothing to say please and thank you.” This is a principle that Beverly and I have instilled in our kids, too. Tactics might change, but principles never do! Saying please and thank you might seem like simple things but, in today’s often ungrateful world, those who are polite and thankful always stand out from the crowd. Incorporate these sorts of small gestures into your day-to-day activities – they’re extremely powerful, they positively impact others and they’re free!

  • Say a Prayer of Thanksgiving.

When I lose sight of what I’m thankful for, I can gravitate towards criticism and negativity. This is why Beverly and I always begin our morning with a prayer of thanksgiving together. It’s a powerful way to start the day on the right foot, it reminds us of all the positives in life and it means that, within 15 minutes of rising, we’ve already had a great day! Make this ritual a part of your daily routine and you’ll quickly see the benefits in your mood, attitude and relationships.

  • Appreciate the Simple Things.

Every year at Thanksgiving, our family sits together at the dinner table and lists what we’re thankful for. I always notice that the kids are grateful for the simplest things, like nature or the wildlife they see in our own backyard. This is a great reminder to try to see the world through the eyes of a child. Search for and appreciate the beauty and the miracles in the everyday. If you look, there is always something to be thankful for … often right under your nose!

  • Receive Gratitude With Grace.

Often, it’s easier to express gratitude than it is to receive it. When someone expresses gratitude to you, instead of brushing it off or downplaying it, be gracious and thankful in return. You have to learn to receive as well as to give!  

  • Pass It On.

Who in your life do you need to express gratitude to? Who can you write a note to or call to check in on? Reach out and pass on the attitude of gratitude to friends, family and clients. You could even recommend an educational resource like “The Brian Buffini Show” to demonstrate how much you value and appreciate them.

William Arthur Ward said, “Gratitude can transform common days into Thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” Change your focus to express gratitude all year round.  The more you do, the more you’ll see a change in those around you, and the more you’ll see a profound change in your own attitude and heart. For more discussion on gratitude be sure to check out the motivational podcast, “The Brian Buffini Show,” with new episodes out each Tuesday. 

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