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Ep #306: Truth and Honesty – by Earl Nightingale

If you’re truthful and honest in this life, you’ll achieve your personal and business goals – and you’ll have peace of mind too! I recently shared the fourth in a series of unheard recordings by personal growth legend Earl Nightingale in which he explained how inner truth always translates to external success. Here are some of the major takeaways:

Be truthful with yourself.

If you’re honest in this life, there’s very little you can’t accomplish. Being truthful with yourself means taking ultimate responsibility for really using your mind, abilities, talents and time. You can either squander these precious possessions and suffer the consequences or you can invest in them with intelligence and purpose and receive an abundant return. The choice is yours alone.

Understand the law of cause and effect.

All successful people have one thing in common – they understand the law of cause and effect and they wisely work with it, instead of trying to work against it. If you make the best use of what you have, this will become apparent in your outer life and you’ll enjoy great advantages. In every situation that life presents, all you have to do is ask yourself: Is this true and honest? If it is, then you can go ahead with the happy realization that you’ve taken care of the cause, and the effect will take care of itself!

Always do your work.

Dean Briggs once said, “Do your work. Not just your work and no more, but a little more for the lavishing’s sake, that little more which is worth all the rest. And if you suffer, as you must, and if you doubt, as you must, do your work. Put your heart into it, and the sky will clear and then out of your very doubt and suffering will be found the supreme joy of life.” The greatest joy a human being can know is the joy of accomplishment. Just think how great this joy becomes when you make full use of your mind, talents, abilities and time!

Your life is like a plot of ground that’s ready to be seeded. It can only return to you what you first give to it, so make sure you give it everything you’ve got! Feed your mind, use your talents, hone your abilities and make the best use of the time you have when you have it. Don’t wait to say, ‘I wish I could do it all over again.’ Do it right the first time, because you might not get a second chance. If you use truth as a guide, your plot of ground will return to you and yours in abundance! To learn more, listen to the latest episode of “It’s a Good Life.”

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