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Flexibility Equals Freedom

We all want more freedom, but how can we get it? One way is to be more flexible. When it comes to business and life, flexibility equals freedom. Unfortunately, many of us are inflexible; rigid and stuck in our ways because of homeostasis. Like homing pigeons, we’re designed to try to get back to where we’ve come from, whether that was a place of positivity or not! We crave the familiar and a return to where we feel safe, which often means that we don’t grow. It’s almost as if we have a built-in anti-growth, anti-development gene inside us. Homeostasis is the single biggest enemy to personal growth and development. To be more flexible and have more freedom, we need to step out of our comfort zones and face our fear of the future by setting goals and committing to ongoing growth and development. This is why coaching is so powerful: it provides the consistent accountability that’s essential to pull people out of homeostasis and establish a new comfort zone.

Here are the steps you need to take to embrace the flexibility mindset and change your life for the better:

Adjust and Pivot:

To become more flexible, you must write yourprinciples in pen and your plans in pencil. In other words, hold your plans with an open hand and be receptive to changing circumstances. Just because you’re flexible doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can count on. You can always count on the fundamental principles of success; they never change.

Track and Review:

If you don’t track and review, you can’t know the progress you’re making or how to improve. This is exactly why, as part of our coaching and training program, Buffini & Company built our award-winning Referral Maker CRM. There’s a direct correlation between those who track their activities and those who achieve their goals.

Make Adjustments:

One small step can change your life. As my friend and mentor Zig Ziglar used to say, “As you head towards your goals, be prepared to make some slight adjustments to your course. You don’t change your decision to go; you do change your direction to get there.” Transformation is never just one decision or event – it’s a series of small adjustments along the way.

The payoff to being more flexible is living in a state of flow. Embrace flexibility and you’ll be able to effortlessly adjust to whatever comes your way. Youwon’t fight every challenge or setback, but instead you’ll ultimately learn how to support your creativity, become fluid and adaptive to change and experience more freedom. To learn more, listen to the latest episode of “The Brian Buffini Show”.

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