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How to Create a Happy Workplace

What makes for a happy workplace? Is it state-of-the art facilities, ongoing training opportunities, extra vacation days, or simply a rewarding salary? After working with leaders of real estate companies for nearly twenty years, and in my position of leadership as Buffini & Company’s CEO, I have learned that all of these factors can certainly impact job satisfaction, but the difference between a company where employees are engaged and energized and one where they’re unmotivated and lacklustre is really down to one main ingredient – feeling appreciated.

The number one reason that people quit their jobs is not because they want more money, but because they feel under-valued. Work gives a sense of identity and purpose, but if employees believe that they’re not being adequately acknowledged or championed then negativity inevitably develops. This is an economic as well as an emotional issue. When people think that their efforts are being ignored or they’re not being treated fairly, then they will lack passion and enthusiasm – and that will consequently have a serious effect on a company’s bottom line.

When workers are unhappy, staff turnover rates are high, customer satisfaction is adversely affected, and a firm’s reputation and profits suffer. When employees are content, it’s a different story. They will do the very best job that they can day after day, which means that customers will be pleased, morale will soar, and the business will thrive. Simply put – the more positive a worker’s emotions are, the higher a company’s profits will be.


At Buffini & Company, each one of our team members receives a Heritage Profile, which is an outline of their natural strengths, abilities, and work styles.

So, how can you create the sort of workplace where employees are ready and willing to always go that extra mile? Firstly, it’s vital to know each team member’s individual strengths and capabilities. At Buffini & Company, each one of our team members receives a Heritage Profile, which is an outline of their natural strengths, abilities, and work styles. This allows our leadership team to communicate with and motivate each person in a way unique to their particular personality. This also allows those in leadership roles to more appropriately assign tasks and projects to individuals based on their strengths, giving each team member a deeper sense of satisfaction in their work.

In addition, you must ensure that they are consistently and genuinely recognized and respected for the work that they do and the contribution that they make. This process may mean asking some tough questions of yourself and your management style. Do your colleagues and co-workers feel that their concerns, comments and ideas are listened to and acted upon? Do they believe they are supported and able to honestly voice their opinions? Do they receive the sort of helpful feedback that matters to them? Do they truly feel invested in the business and part of an effective, harmonious team with a common goal and purpose? All of these issues must be taken into consideration when trying to create and sustain a culture of enthusiasm and engagement.

We’ve tried to be very intentional about our communication practices at Buffini & Company by doing “Lunch & Learns” with each team to discover more about their individual roles and how we might help them preform at a higher level. Additionally, we have initiated a program where individuals can submit ideas about how we, as a company, can “Do It Better.” During each staff meeting, we recognize the people who have had their ideas implemented and reward them gift cards. These are similar to the practices we teach Team Leaders who are in our One2One Coaching membership to implement, in order to help them build a more productive, cohesive and happy team.

It’s not an easy task to achieve – it takes a lot of hard work to earn the respect, support and trust of your team. Conflicts and difficulties will naturally occur along the way. But if you’re true to your word, encourage open dialogue, foster growth, and celebrate achievement then an atmosphere of honesty, trust, and fairness will be the result. The reward will be that your company will attract the best workers and enjoy excellent employee retention rates, high levels of productivity, and increased success and profits.

It’s a simple premise: Take care of your employees first and then the kind of happy work environment in which everyone can flourish and win will be created. Who wouldn’t want that?

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