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How to Ease Your Team Back Into the New Normal

You know, as a business leader, that your agents are always looking to you for guidance throughout their transactions, but this has become especially so during these uncertain times. As the government starts to loosen some restrictions and the housing market begins to open back up, having a transition plan in place will make it much less chaotic for your team. Take a few steps now to prepare your team and they will be ready to hit the ground running.

Get Out Ahead

Stay up to date on your area’s current health protocols, continue to monitor as things change and share with your team. With a regular habit in place and knowing information is coming, they will be less likely to bombard you with questions along the way. As a bonus you’ll maintain your status as a great leader and continue to retain your top agents.

Revamp the Office

Prepare your office space so clients feel comfortable going there to meet. Your county will most likely issue guidelines to follow once your office space opens, so it helps to email these out to show that you are actively complying and putting agent safety first. When they see you taking these extra steps for their health, they’ll know that you’ll go the extra mile during their transaction. Small gestures like a bottle of hand sanitizer at the door of a meeting will not go unnoticed. Stock up on cleaning supplies and leave them in a designated area in the office so everyone knows where to go if they need more.

Equip Your People

Continue to share knowledgeable articles and podcasts so your team has all the facts ready. Prepare talking points around those articles or host a training session with role plays so your agents know how to handle any difficult conversations. Many people will want to be extra cautious when showing their home so make sure your team is prepared to show a home virtually if needed. Going above and beyond for clients can lead to referrals! 

For more ways to get your team ready for anything that is thrown their way, get certified to lead The Pathway to Mastery—Essentials training course. The course will give your agents a deep dive into lead generation as well as help them work with buyers and sellers.

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