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How to Get the Word Out About Virtual Open Houses

The world of real estate agent training is always evolving — especially during a global pandemic.

In 2019, marketing a virtual open house wasn’t necessarily an essential task for real estate agents to master. Today, it’s become a large part of how we work in the industry to guarantee the safest experience for clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Typically, when we hosted an open house in pre-COVID times, signs and other ads could notify people of the event, and attract a few passers-by to pop in for a tour.

Getting folks “in the door” of your virtual open house requires a bit more creativity. If you’ve been hosting a few virtual open houses or have plans to host one soon, check out these tips for getting interested parties to log on.

Connect with Social Media

Chances are you were already spreading the word about your traditional open houses on social media. As you prepare to host a virtual open house, social media has the opportunity to play a much more active role. You may even consider hosting your virtual open house on Facebook or Instagram Live, encouraging interested buyers to ask questions in the comments so you can show them what they’d like to see in the broadcast. If you’re using a video conferencing link to host your open house, be sure to create an event on social media and push folks to the link where they’ll be able to view it. This will be the easiest way for you to spread the word and encourage participation in your virtual event!

Say it With Your Sign

Typically, agents would plant an “open house” sign in the lawn of the home on display and on the surrounding blocks. If the open house is virtual, you can still post your signs — you’ll just want to tweak some of the information. Consider tools like QR codes so that passers-by can snap a picture of the code and be taken instantly to the webpage that is hosting this virtual event. This way, you can still get people who are in the neighborhood to “pop by,” even if it is virtually. You can also consider posting the link to the viewing platform on your sign, along with specific instructions on how to join.

Targeted Email Campaign

With a virtual open house, you may be able to target even more potential buyers, since it’s so easy to hop online and join the event (instead of hopping in the car and driving somewhere). While it’s important not to constantly inundate your database with emails about your open houses, if you have a few folks who you know might be interested, send them a quick email with all of the information! You may also choose to share the email with other real estate agents in your network. Because it’s convenient to participate in the open house, these parties might be more inclined to jump in and see what you have to offer.

There are so many new issues that popped up in 2020 that real estate training programs could have never anticipated. However, when you invest in a real estate training program that focuses on the fundamentals of great business, you gain essential skills that allow you to handle anything that comes your way.

The Pathway to Mastery®—Essentials is a real estate training program from Buffini & Company that helps agents master the fundamentals of real estate and build a business that lasts. Register to take this course online individually or ask your broker to start a class today! 

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